The line of relationships in reading hands

The line of relationships in reading hands
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The reading of the palm of the hand has always been a debate among people who wanted to know more about their destiny written in their numerous lines of their palms. The palm-hand reading also reveals the facts about relationships, presented by the lines of relationships. These lines are also known as lines of affection or lines of marriage or relationship lines.

Line of marriage or relationships

These lines are normally present in the position below the little finger, on the Mercury Mount. Ancient literature that considers the practice of palmistry provides an overview of the meanings that are hidden behind these lines. However, most fortune-tellers, especially in the 1920s, only read to the elite of society. Therefore, this fact should be taken into consideration when practicing the reading of the lines.

A person is likely to have a better relationship in their life if the marriage is deeper in commitment, while a lower line represents a lack of communication, happiness and strength in a certain relationship. If the line that represents the line of marriage is broken, this means divorce, separation or even the death of a loved one.

If there are multiple lines present in the palm that is read, this represents a case where one of the spouses carries the other in an evil act. Finally, if the broken fragments that appear have present overlap, then this indicator says that the couple will undergo separation before the eventual meeting once again.

If the line of marriage is approximately three quarters of the size of the heart line, marriage will occur at the age between 30 and 35. However, if a line of marriage or relationships seems to be closer to the heart line, then this may mean that a person will never get married.

Several marriage lines may be present, but that does not necessarily mean that you are marrying different people. These lines should not be too deep or wide, because this means that stress will be present in the marriage that could reduce the feeling of love. Small online love announcements mean that the person will involve staying in extramarital relationships.

Lines of the children

Between the lines of marriage, the lines that are the object of a marriage are also present, and these are the lines of the children. These lines are also present in the same positions, except that they extend below the Mercury Mount and cross the line of marriage. If the lines are weak, then this means that the marriage can have spontaneous abortions or abortions.

When it comes to the sexes of children, a straight line that crosses the line of marriage represents a male child, while the diagonal line that crosses the line of marriage represents a girl. If those lines are weak, then the subject whose palms are being read will have more children

How to read and what it means

More than one line

If there is more than one line present, then it may indicate that other issues may interfere with the relationship or marriage. Numerous lines that curl up indicate that the person must learn the purpose of his life. Such people are unstable or excessively hoarders in love relationships.

Breaks in the marriage line

If breaks occur in the line of marriage or relationship line means that the person will separate with the couple, but the relationship will be followed by happy reunion with another person, a break that indicates a new continuity in another relationship.

Straight and long line

A long, straight line usually means that the subject’s marriage life will be completely full of happiness.

Line curves upwards

If the line of marriage is turned up, then this could mean that the crossing ends at the place between the line of the heart and the base of the fourth finger. For these people, marriage is an important factor in their life and in this case, people would like to know and experience what the future holds for them in marriage or relationships, they give much weight to this factor in their lives, it is something central to them.

Marriage line bends down

The line of marriage that bends down represents the situation in which the person will have a marriage from which he will leave, either by a break or a widowhood. If the current lines, which form the line of marriage do not intersect with other lines, then it is a sure sign of the children going to enrich the married life.


Very common feature present in our palms is when the line of marriage crosses the line of the heart in the horizontal form. This means that the subject who has such a characteristic has been his soulmate through several lives.

A circle in the line of marriage

If a line of marriage has a characteristic that represents a circle, then this can represent obstacles that could be in the way of others. When the circle appears, it means that the subject leaves a strong impression on others, its imprint will be strong. It can also mean that you have been controlled in a previous relationship at a younger age.

An outstanding line of marriage over the others

If there are small lines that section from the heart line and point uphill, then it will denote a well-matched and good relationshipwith children.

Vertical lines on Mercury Mount

The combination of 2 to 6 lines present in the Mercury Mount does not represent the children’s lines. These lines, in fact, represent that the person’s life is oriented towards medicine and that they have the talent to exercise it. The lines usually appear on the palms of those who are caring for the sick, such as pharmacists, doctors or nurses. This combination of lines are called “Medical Stigmas”.

Signs of love and marriage – divorce and rupture

The signs of the lines related to the marriage line presented above are also the signs that represent whether a marriage will be filled with love or not. Some of the marriages, depending on the current lines in the palm can end in separation or divorce. These lines also indicate the possibility of these occasions and should be taken into account when choosing a couple or making a final decision when entering a marriage.

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