5 Best Smartphone Addiction Solutions
Smartphone addiction is not a new term anymore as users are seriously affected by it. Here, people are facing multiple issues including personal & professional life issues, health problems, anxiety and more. While there are some basic solutions to it that can help you fix the problem here we have covered them in detail. Following… (0 comment)

Comio Launched 4G smartphone at just 5,999 INR in India
The generation of India, need more and more budget smartphones in the market to consume the high-speed internet data and this is the area where almost every smartphone manufacturer working nowadays. With this trend, it’s like smartphone makers launching smartphones for the segment without taking a single break, and we cannot blame them as the… (0 comment)

Keep these trends in mind this year for your E-commerce app
As the New Year dawns every industry in signifying its trends that should be followed to get the maximum outcomes and provide complete customer gratification. Same is the case with mobile application development. Every business is trying its best to develop an app or want to upgrade the existing ones according to the latest happenings… (0 comment)

Everything you need to know about Android 9.0 P update
What is Android 9.0 P, When it will launched, What it will offer , How it will work ? There are many questions started to strike in smartphone users, technical peoples and reviewers mind when it comes about the launch of any new update in technology. Here we are going to discuss about the next… (0 comment)