How Microsoft Management to Win it’s Fight to Stay Alive

How Microsoft Management to Win it’s Fight to Stay Alive
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Business of Micros can be distinguish as a business and support growth, or impede progress. Essay Writing Service UK in its recent research has found that in a brutally competitive business environment, small and medium enterprises that have efficient and flexible IT systems can respond to business opportunities and changes more quickly than their competitors. Those that do not, are left behind.

 The Business is Hot and Margins are shrinking

That’s why many small and medium businesses are looking for ways to automate and optimize IT processes, improve application speed and increase overall IT performance to keep pace with the adoption of a new technology. However, achieving these goals is increasingly difficult, especially when such companies typically fight with intense competition.

 A fight to stay alive

In this context, this article has shown how Microsoft management to win its fight to stay alive?Undoubtedly, the great business leader of the 90s was Bill Gates, owner of Microsoft and for many years the greatest fortune in the world. This was attested by numerous surveys, in which even Steve Jobs was far from the genius of Seattle.

His company was created in 1975, but it was in 1990 when he finally took off and made him the richest person in the world, thanks to the launch of Windows 3.0. Despite this, his controversial methods caused many not only not to admire him, but to even hate him.

 Microsoft knows the methods to do business

Even so, his successes make it worthwhile to approach the person of Bill Gates, and know their methods to do business and the way in which Microsoft created and then take it to achieve the greatest success, as the web 1000ideasdenegocios points out. In this way, what are the principles of the great businessman of the 90s? Here we present the eight most important Gates.

 Microsoft Work tirelessly

“We used to live and breathe software, we just stopped to eat and sleep a bit,” says Gates. The determination to achieve the objectives set is essential to succeed in business.

 It has a Dream

“From the beginning we did not think of anything other than being successful.” We must truly believe that the objective that is proposed, however complex, can be achieved. The illusion and optimism is very important to maintain ambition and achieve success.

 Microsoft gives independence for creativity

Being an entrepreneur consists of making your own decisions, independently of the criticisms of others, which must be heard but must not be definitive. “We made good business decisions, like focusing our efforts towards the Intel 8080 chip, although in the first few days it did not seem like such good decisions,” Gates confesses. 

Microsoft never loss Focused on customers

“Sometimes we promised more to our customers than anyone else could really offer, to stay awake until later and we worked harder.” The customer is the central axis of the business. You must think about what you need and try to Pay Someone To Write My Essay give it to you, and this will multiply your chances of success.

Microsoft means Simplicity

“Of all the great initiatives of Microsoft, simplicity is number one.” You have to find the simplest solution, if possible.

 Microsoft work in Teams

“We continued to be informal in our personal relationships and we avoided the hierarchy where it made no sense, everyone could come into my office if they had a question or concern, an idea for a new product or ideas about what our competitors were doing.” No one will achieve success alone. It is essential to work as a team and know how to delegate to others to be able to cover all the necessary aspects of a business.

 Microsoft Take care of the expense

“We do everything possible to maintain a thin and efficient structure, using our resources intelligently and avoiding waste, unnecessary expenses such as first class seats and expensive hotels.” Especially in these times, it is very important to keep controlled the expense of the company, and take care of every penny that is spent.

 Adaptation capacity of Microsoft

“Companies fail for many reasons, sometimes they are poorly managed, sometimes they just do not create the products that customers want, but I think the biggest killer in a company, especially in fast-changing industries such as ours, it is the refusal to adapt to change “. The market is constantly changing, technologies are advancing rapidly, so we must have a waistline to adapt to all situations and prevent the company from losing its power.

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