6 Shocking Facts about Hair Dye
In the endeavour to flaunt the perfect tresses of enigmatic colours, we take our pick with the different Hair Colour brands presenting the enchanting range of attractive shades. But do you ever wonder that these hair colours might be high on synthetic and chemical content that might lead to serious damage? Well, not always are… (0 comment)

9 Amazing Facts About Your Lungs
The human lungs are very amazing organs. They are found in the chest, in fact, the largest organ there. They are vital organs, and very necessary for life. Without them, a person won’t be able to survive at all, because they help our bodies take in oxygen from the air, and release carbon dioxide to… (0 comment)

Would you consider health tourism a wise choice?
Before you are considering of going under the knife the first thing that is going to strike you is the cost associated with travelling. For a lot of people seeking medical treatment on the foreign shores would seem to be a worthwhile option. This concept of travel goes by the name of medical tourism. The… (0 comment)

Hearing Test
Everything in writing begins with language, language begins with listening. It’s true but thinks about those people who can’t listen properly or deaf. So, here I will explain hearing loss and cure, therapy or treatment for hearing loss.  Know about hearing loss- So, hearing loss is when we can’t hear one ear as well as… (0 comment)

The best speech therapy tools and material for kids
Tools and materials used in speech therapy enhance speech clarity and feeding skills in people of all ages. Tools and materials teach correct tongue positioning for sounds like L, CH, R, S and SH. They also develop a huge range of skills like articulation, stuttering or stammering, sensory and learning skills. These tools also help… (0 comment)

Why Listening to Music is Important for your Health?
It is always said that you should be physically very healthy. But no one talks about mental health much. It is even more important than staying physically healthy. If you are mentally healthy, every happiness will come your way. So here, let’s talk about how you can sure shot keep your mental health in check.… (0 comment)

6 Secret Benefits of Massage for Weight Loss
Massage is a therapeutic technique, which also promotes weight loss. The whole session simply involves kneading your muscles, bodily tissues, and skin. Many prove that it provides numerous benefits, including stress relief, relaxed tissues after an injury, increased production of endorphins, and better flexibility. Massage can also provide the following benefits for weight loss: Improves… (0 comment)