6 Shocking Facts about Hair Dye
In the endeavour to flaunt the perfect tresses of enigmatic colours, we take our pick with the different Hair Colour brands presenting the enchanting range of attractive shades. But do you ever wonder that these hair colours might be high on synthetic and chemical content that might lead to serious damage? Well, not always are… (0 comment)

SMS Marketing: Best Option to Fill Health Clubs
In today’s era, SMS marketing is playing a vital role in consumer’s mind. Everyone has a smartphone by their side, so, sending text messages related to promotions, reminder, alert etc. will have higher chances that company’s SMS will be seen by users and positive action will be taken thereof. Text marketing is direct channel to… (0 comment)

How to create best Business Logos ?
To start any business or work the first thing a person may think of is a presentation, how a work is communicated to audience or attracts the audience towards itself. Logos are the starting thought for the audience to make a picture of the business as how it works or how it leaves a mark… (0 comment)

9 Amazing Facts About Your Lungs
The human lungs are very amazing organs. They are found in the chest, in fact, the largest organ there. They are vital organs, and very necessary for life. Without them, a person won’t be able to survive at all, because they help our bodies take in oxygen from the air, and release carbon dioxide to… (0 comment)

3 Common Pest Myths Everybody Should Know
Nobody wants pests in their homes. Pests can be irritating, and make many people uncomfortable and grossed out, making them go the extra mile to ensure that their homes aren’t infested. Pest control is an important aspect in keeping a house clean, but there are common myths about these pests that, when believed, can do more… (0 comment)

Would you consider health tourism a wise choice?
Before you are considering of going under the knife the first thing that is going to strike you is the cost associated with travelling. For a lot of people seeking medical treatment on the foreign shores would seem to be a worthwhile option. This concept of travel goes by the name of medical tourism. The… (0 comment)

Ahmedabad is luring realty investors with infra changes
Ahmedabad, one of the fastest growing cities in the world, is witnessing massive development in the realty sector. This is making an impact on its commercial and residential growth scenario. Experts at Savaliya Group, one of the leading real estate companies in Ahmedabad reckon that the city will continue to undergo major infrastructural changeswith the… (0 comment)