Professional Year Engineering Program Requirements For Career Growth
As an additional pathway to cover the gap between education and employment, Professional Year Program is really advantageous for graduates of Accounting, Engineering and IT streams in Australia which helps them gain permanent residency. It is available right now in the fields of accounting, computer science, and engineering. It combines formal learning and workplace experience.… (0 comment)

Future of Electric Cars in India
Do electric cars survive in India? People have been anticipating the launch of electric cars since years. Few cars were introduced to India market in late 90’s but they failed to attract customers. The latest electric cars look so attractive in terms of looks as well as specifications; they are expected to give tough competition… (0 comment)

There are so many things we thought we couldn’t live without yet this is us, having so many new ones some will rather die than part with. TVs, CDs, Telephones, Walkman, Stereos etc. Like memories they have faded. You might wonder, what else will be replaced tomorrow? Better to start with what is being replaced… (0 comment)

The difficult yoga poses that are the toughest to master bear the sweet rewards!
Yoga is a science and an art of self-mastery. Regular yoga practices of asanas, meditation and breathing techniques have a profound effect on your capability to master all your emotions. In the procedure of mastering your emotions, yoga truly enables you to tone and strengthen your body. There are several forms of yoga schools; each… (0 comment)

Mexicans Seek to create the world’s first Intelligent Transformer
One of the sectors where the greatest investment is projected over the next few years is related to electricity generation. According to the Secretariat of Energy, 62 thousand 271 million dollars will be invested in transmission, distribution and power generation. During the presentation of the Program of Development of the National Electrical System 2015-2029 it… (0 comment)

8 Reasons why mobile apps are a must for SMEs
Small and Medium enterprises collectively form a major chunk of economy and employment scenario. With a relatively smaller team and limited resources, these companies form the backbone of any economy, especially in developing regions like Africa, China, and India etc. In the past few years, we have seen a rise in the number of SME… (0 comment)