Tips on How to Lower Your Car Insurance Premium
Owning a vehicle can cost you a lot of money. From the maintenance, purchase price, gas allowance, registration fees to auto insurance premiums. It will really take a huge part in your monthly budget. But, it should not leave you broke. There are many ways on how to save money while maintaining your beloved car.… (0 comment)

How Beneficial is Health Insurance Portability?
How Beneficial is Health Insurance Portability? Is your current health insurer falling short of your expectations? Do you want to switch to another insurer? You already have the permission from IRDA! Yes, according to IRDA, you can switch to a new insurer without affecting your current health plan and its benefits. This facility is known… (0 comment)

Every car owner needs car insurance coverage. After all, accidents can happen anytime and anywhere.But shopping for the right coverage can be pretty daunting. If you’re having a hard time deciding which car insurance is best for you, we’ve listed the most important types of car insurance you should buy. Liability insurance No one wants… (0 comment)

Do you think about insurance the same way you think about your investments? If so, that’s a problem. And you’re not alone. You might be overloading your insurance with unreasonable expectations. A major cause of misunderstanding is customers’ tendency to view insurance as an investment rather than a protective measure. Although, it’s not totally your… (0 comment)

Points To Keep In Mind Before Buying an Insurance Policy
Purchase of an insurance policy is a difficult task. Numerous companies are there in the market and each of them has their own products to sell. You can compare insurance on the online platform before purchasing an insurance policy. You can also rely on the expertise of an insurance agent and this goes on to… (0 comment)