Negative SEO

Negative SEO
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Have you ever heard of Negative SEO? Does it really happen? Yes, it is easy for your competitor to ruin your rankings. If you suspect that your site is being degraded by negative SEO tactics, then you have to know the remedies that can bounce your website’s rank. A website can be penalized according to Google algorithms in case of manipulative link building. Many people ignore its existence but it can actually happen with off page SEO techniques. A competitor might expect to see your page demoted in Google search, black hat SEO techniques may be performed by the competitor to point out you in front of Google.

How can you become a victim of Negative SEO

The world’s leading search engine Google works hard to ensure that competitor cannot try to lower your websites rank by spamming it through off-page link building. If negative SEO is really affecting your site, conduct, and back link audit and try to remove spammy links. The most commonly used tactic by competitors to bring down your webs page fame is spamming if through blog comments, buying backlinks and pointing them towards your site or sometimes they may do it by hacking or editing the most important robot.txt file. Manipulating your on page is very difficult, so the only thing that makes you a victim is off page link building. Hence you need to be very careful and should perform audit regularly to escape from adverse effects of negative SEO.

It is difficult for a website owner to keep an eye on external links; opponents might try to lower your page by taking this weakness as an advantage. You can tackle those tactics easily, before that you need to know few things that can protect your website.

• Make sure that your Domain authority is very high, such sites are less prone to negative SEO attacks.
• It is important to check sites backlinks and SEO score from time to time.
• Google webmaster tools can let you know about upcoming dangers; you can take preventive measures according to the given warnings.
Ways to curb Negative SEO

Negative SEO is very dangerous as you may not only the loose valuable audience but also results in revenue loss, below are the things that can save your beacon from unexpected bad effects.

 Perform regular URL audits to identify suspicious activity.

 Ranking factor also depends upon site speed, forceful crawling may reduce your websites loading speed. So check it frequently and contact your hosting provider if there is any loading problem.

 Check for copied content to escape from negative SEO, your competitor may steal it before your unique content gets indexed.

 Monitor your business page on Google to check fake reviews

 Upgrade your security

 Check your keywords position frequently on SERP.

 Use your analytics software to check bounce rates and the day from when your site traffic is getting down.

 Use Google disavow tool if there are the huge number of spam links.

Negative SEO is very rare nowadays; Google is good at catching even if anyone tries to spam your website. So forget about it and create high-quality content to attract visitors.

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