Mexicans Seek to create the world’s first Intelligent Transformer
One of the sectors where the greatest investment is projected over the next few years is related to electricity generation. According to the Secretariat of Energy, 62 thousand 271 million dollars will be invested in transmission, distribution and power generation. During the presentation of the Program of Development of the National Electrical System 2015-2029 it… (0 comment)

Hyderabad Realty Investment Hits New High.Modi Builders Upbeat About The Market Drift
  The property market of Hyderabad has developed considerably, prevailing over all other realty markets in India. “There are copious property investment hotspots in Hyderabad that have shown great profits in the past, and are still promising, through resale and assets appreciation to the property holders,” says an expert from Modi Builders. The real estate… (0 comment)

Tech Support in India
How a tech support affects your business image? Interaction is very important part of any business in India because businesses thrive on relationships. A good tech support team cam improves communications to increase productivity. Fixing, optimizing and repairing can be done easily with a good technical support team. There are many advantages if you have… (0 comment)

Relationship between Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship
Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship are two things that are often intermixed in each other. We can understand its relationship by a simple definition that all entrepreneurial enterprises start with small business but all the small businesses are not entrepreneurship. Both these terms are often interrelated with each other but in this article, we will clear… (0 comment)