Tips and Tricks in Driving an RV

Tips and Tricks in Driving an RV
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Contrary to popular belief, driving a recreational vehicle or an RV is actually not that difficult. In addition to easily being able to find truck parts in the Philippines, this is one of the many reasons why driving one has become so popular recently. But while an experienced driver might be able to easily adapt to the greater size, height, and weight of a recreational vehicle, it is a good idea that beginner drivers make use of their defensive driving skills.

In order to safely drive your RV, planning ahead, staying alert, and driving defensively are critical. You are responsible for the safety of your passengers as well as the safety of the other vehicles which share the road with you. Now that you are one of the big rigs on the road, you have to take extra precautions when handling your vehicle, so here are a few tips and tricks in driving an RV:

Passenger Safety

The passengers in a vehicle can be a distraction for any driver, but even more so when driving an RV. As its name implies, the passengers in a recreational vehicle tend to be talking, interacting, watching loud television, or even playing games.

You can actually enforce general authority over your passengers and the activities that they do as the driver of the vehicle. Remember, while this might sound harsh, you are responsible for the safety of your passengers. Their well-being comes above all else.


When you are driving an RV, the way you approach situations like parking, braking, and traffic changes. Because your RV is bigger than a regular car, yielding and merging require much more patience. Driving your RV in traffic means that you have to be aware of all the vehicles around you.

You also have to be aware of all of your blind spots which sometimes makes driving fast down the highway easier to handle. The size of your RV then becomes cumbersome once you begin maneuvering one-way roads, parking lots, tree-lined avenues, and small streets. Parking your RV becomes easier if you have somebody helping you in, but if you are alone, do a walk-around before backing in.


Even if you are an experienced commercial driver, you still need to take a few hours practicing your RV driving skills. Always be aware if there are cars driving alongside you or what kind of traffic is following you. Use your windows, mirrors, and even cameras to help you keep track of your immediate surroundings.

Constantly monitor the traffic around you so you have the appropriate amount of time to react should something go wrong.

Braking is also different when driving an RV. Avoid riding the brakes on your recreational vehicle because they could get hot and malfunction. Reduce your speed if you anticipate braking, decelerate before an off ramp, and remember to keep your brakes in good condition.

Key Takeaway

Driving an RV might not be too difficult, but it isn’t going to be easy either. Aside from maintaining your vehicle using truck parts from the Philippines, practicing your driving will help you develop the skills you need in order to keep you and your passengers safe.

Plan your trip ahead, get a good night’s sleep before you get behind the wheel, and remember to drive carefully.

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