How to choose the Muay Thai camp for fitness in Thailand

How to choose the Muay Thai camp for fitness in Thailand
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If you are new to Muay  Thai and are keen on health and fitness gymnastics you have made a good choice. This is one of the best martial arts with roots in Thailand. Commonly known as Thai boxing, it helps you fight in real fight situations. As a competitive sport, it has helped expose the usefulness of the skills. As the athletes display their skills, the techniques are tested on exhibition.

Muay Thai focuses first on health and fitness and second on self-defense. It gives the trainee the opportunity to use full potential of all limbs divided into 8 weapons. To compete in Muay Thai, you would need a perfectly trained body because it is an extensive process of training programs. These exercises are useful for weight loss and therefore, recommended for most women who want to see drastic changes.

Choosing a Training Camp

Just like the gym in your neighborhood, all training camps have their pros and cons. There is no perfect place with all the preferences. The standards may not be satisfactory considering every aspect of a good quality training camp. It also depends with you as an individual. Everyone has their standards of the characteristics of a good gym. Let us study some of them to help you find a Muay Thai camp that will be useful to you. The camp with the biggest combination of characteristics will be the best to choose.


A common myth is that you need to get to a place where cleanliness is not a priority to get the real taste of hard-core training. Misinformed people like to choose the worst cases in terms of cleanliness to get satisfied. This is not true. You will be exposed to the danger of falling sick. If you are new to Thailand, your body may be already struggling to adapt. Going into a dirty place puts you at higher risk of getting infected. Sickness will not serve you the training you need. When you get bed rest, you will be missing out on training sessions. Quit this notion and get a good clean gym to be safe from infections.

Remember not to get into the habit of sharing training gear. For example, you need to keep away from gloves that you are not sure who and how many people used it. It is important to watch out for your personal hygiene. If you ignore minor hygiene practices you are risking your health.


Look out for a camp that is keen on observing safety rules. A gym that neglects basic safety rules poses a risk to your training process. You will be in danger of getting injured. Injuries vary but may ruin careers. Both trainees and instructors are at risk of putting their careers on hold because of injuries that could have been avoided.

Safety rules are very important. Do not ignore the least of them. It could be a naked concrete floor that is easy to ignore.

Quality Equipment

For efficient training, your camp should have high quality equipment. The equipment should also be well maintained. Luckily, most of the training camps in Thailand have good equipment. It is however, not enough to buy expensive equipment if they are not maintained. The condition of the equipment is critical to your training progress. Good maintenance also guarantees your safety.

Top Trainers

A good trainer will help you do the right things to achieve your goals in the shortest time. A good Muayi Thai trainer should be qualified in techniques of the martial arts. They should be motivating and be willing to guide you through the techniques until perfection. A good trainer does not compromise on quality and precision. Most importantly, they should be friendly and if possible with a good sense of humor. Suwitmuaythai with care services have many top Muay Thai trainers.

Do not be afraid of asking a trainer to position their pad correctly. If he does not respond then quickly find another trainer. Avoid unnecessary strain and misunderstandings.


Training correctly will ultimately improve your health if you follow it up with a good diet. These classes are designed for full body exercises and are essential for weight loss. They are intense and may cause rapid changes to your body so try to keep up. Although you should not judge a gym by cleanliness but by merit, take hygiene into consideration. For example, we recommend a clean place with mats.  Carpets do not make a good gym floor. They soak up sweat and filth from trainees. We all know they are not frequently washed. Mats, on the other hand are cleaned on a daily basis.

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