How Often Do You Need to Take Up Car Service?

How Often Do You Need to Take Up Car Service?
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Moving from one location to another comfortably requires a good automobile. When you buy a car you make sure it has all the features you need. Nice look, great mileage, comfortability, etc. are things you look in your dream car. But with time and use, you start finding some problems with the automotive. If you want your car to run smoothly and perform as new, you need to take proper. Regular car service and maintenance is a must for any kind of automobile to ensure its high performance for longer period of time. You should first take your car to your authorized car service center to.

When you do need to take your car to servicing?

 A lot of factors must be considered when you decide the frequency of sending your car for servicing. The answer to how often you need to take car service lies on the points:

  • How well is the car maintained?
  • The amount of miles the vehicle has traveled.
  • The quality of the road on which you travel daily.

Sometimes the vehicle provides you with some signals or warnings which can tell you when you need to send the car for servicing. Some of them are:

  • If you find some strange noises coming out of the vehicle, you should take get it checked soon before some major problem occurs. Uneven sounds coming out of the engine of the car could be due to any minor or major problem that needs to be fixed soon during a car service. Loud sound from exhaust, winning noise from under the bonnet, metal-on-metal sound, squeaking noise while pressing the brakes or crunching noise as you change the gears are some signs of wear and tear inside the car that needs to be checked as soon as possible.
  • Many modern cars have the feature that allows you understand when your automotive needs a service. A yellow light indicator for ‘check engine’ on the dashboard informs you that you should take your car to garage immediately for servicing. Many cars have service light that indicates when the next car service is due.
  • Smoke coming out of the vehicle is a warning sign for immediate check. Usually white smoke comes out when the car gets heated or there is some problem with radiator. Blue smoke indicates burning of oil and excessive smoke from exhaust could be from oil leak.
  • If you find vibration or pulling under braking, it is sign of worn out brake discs or pads, problem with steering or suspension issue. Car service is the best way to maintain your car. You must immediate consider car service to prevent any major problem and accidents on the road.
  • If you find the ride not comfortable, it could be due to some problems with tyres, suspension or engine. Take the car for servicing to ensure comfortable and safe driving.

Problems due to neglecting timely servicing

 If you fail to take up regular and timely car service, you will end up facing lots of problems with your vehicle. The most important thing that the mechanic does during servicing is changing of oils. Most modern automobiles come with engine oils that act as cleaning agent and keep the engine in good condition. But with time this oil deteriorates causing blockage and wear and tear of internal components of engine. Brake fluid needs to be checked regularly as it can absorb moisture and causing problems in baking. Failure to service the car can be a threat to safety on the road as problems in braking can lead to accidents.

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