Emerging Film Production Industry in India

Emerging Film Production Industry in India
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India is one of the fastest emerging economies in the world, and with many international brands investing in the country the need of promotions also increasing. Today we are in the era of quick information and communication. And for this many film Production Company with high end equipments and technology establishing. India is world’s third largest film industry with net worth of 166 billion dollars,a huge investment of Indian and foreign markets.

For this a huge industry of Film Production Houses in Delhi are emerging. New Delhi is a Political and Industrial Hub in the country. Apart from Bollywood the need of Advertisement making, Corporate Film making is fulfilled by film production houses in Delhi. These Production House are well equipped and run by professionals.

The Production House in Delhi are mainly focussed on Advertisement Making, Documentaries, Short Films, Corporate Films, CSR Film and many more all are available on different prices. Production House in Delhi also gives many job opportunities young talents. Not only job opportunities but many Media Institutions are getting good profits. The students will get media exposure and paid internships so that students before completing the course gets the relevant experience which helps them to get good jobs in future

Many young professionals also set up their team and establish a Production House and do business. This is estimated that by 2020 film industry will become 199 dollar of net worth, which means more work opportunities and more establishments of Film Production house in the country.

Film making is not a single person’s work it require a team of professionals who are best in their work. To make a film team needed are Director, Producer, Assistants, Camera man or Cinematographer or Director of photography, Art Director,  Actors, Spots are required. Apart from creative people a team of vendors are needed for transport, food, cleaning, costumes, makeup, Equipment vendors all are needed. Not only this many new talents like Drone Artist for flying Drones are needed

The Film Industry consists of many technological commercial  groups of film making which is Film making studios, Film Production Companies, Screen writing, Animation, Pre Production, Post Production, Film Festivals, Distribution and actors, Directors and Other Crew Members

Though the expense involved in making films almost immediately led Film Production Companies to concentrate under the auspices of standing Production House, advances in affordable Film making equipment, and expansion of opportunities to acquire investment capital from outside the Film industry itself, have allowed independent Film Production Houses to evolve.

Hollywood is the first Film Industry of the world which introduce films as entertainment, and today it is the largest industry in terms of box office gross revenue. Indian Cinema is the largest film industry in terms of the number of films made and produced. The number of tickets sold every year is far bigger then the any industry in the world. 3.5 Billion Tickets were sold annually for around 1985 feature films produced in India where as in Hollywood 2.6 billion tickets were sold annually .Film Industry in India is booming rapidly and as Film Production Houses are increasing in numbers day by day.

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