All about GMAT Live Preparation

All about GMAT Live Preparation
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There are various websites and tutors who offer GMAT live preparation similar to what it is taught in the coaching classes. GMAT live preparations are basically 80% self-studies and 20% of the live sessions. It requires 190 to 200 hours to prepare for a GMAT. The GMAT app which you choose for the live sessions must be user-friendly, easy to understand and navigate. It must contain skill building; you must overcome a lesson without any doubts which you previously didn’t have any idea about. GMAT exams are time-based if you take more than the required time for a question, you would probably lose and many questions would be unanswered. The exam consists of 4 parts: Analytical writing assessment provides 30 minutes to complete the section. This section allows you to read and analyze the statements provided. Integrated reasoning section has 12 questions which you‘ll have to complete it within 30 minutes. Quantitative section and a Verbal section have 75 minutes each to complete the section. The quantitative part has 37 questions related to mathematics i.e., algebra, basic geometry and arithmetic. Verbal section tests you in three criteria reading comprehension, sentence correction and critical reasoning.

Here are few reasons why students opt for the online preparation.

  • When you work with the tutor it would be easy for them to point out your errors while working out your problems.
  • Tighter schedule: if you prepare according to the schedule of the live prep you would complete the course in 60 to 65 days.
  • when you join the live prep it motivates you throughout your preparation
  • Interactive online platforms are created for the live sessions. All you require is a high-speed internet connection and a decent computer.
  • Online and live courses cover the complete portions and you will not be missing out any topic.
  • By the webinars held every weekend you can improvise your learning patterns, ask questions without hesitation, clear doubts, the institutor will assist you in clearing any kind of doubts you develop.
  • If you have enough time for the exam, choose the best resources you feel it easy and the best comprehensive guide to GMAT preparation.
  • Many websites offer verbal and quantitative videos to improve your verbal language.
  • Participate in the live demo class held by the institution, in this way you can decide which live preparation tutors are good for you. Everyone’s style of teaching will be different, so choose your tutor wisely.
  • Most of the apps offer the flash cards, personal statistics and practice questions. You can also use apps to challenge other users of the app.
  • By the GMAT live online test preparing classes you would know your weaknesses and exploit your strengths accordingly, which will help you overcome your weakness.
  • practice questions are the essential part of any test
  • If you join the live sessions, you would be motivated and it would be less boring for you to study when you’re connected in a group.

It is must to know that practice makes perfect. You can progress in whatever field you want to achieve success in only by practice.

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