Top tips to find the Professional WordPress Developer

Top tips to find the Professional WordPress Developer
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Just a few years back, WordPress used to be described as the best blogging platform which is not true anymore because now it has converted itself into the simplest content management system and you might be surprised to know that around 25% of websites and blogs on internet are powered by WordPress. From simple blogs to completely functional websites and mobile apps can be created with WP CMS. The best thing about WP is that it is quite simple, flexible and easy-to-use. However, if you don’t have technical knowledge, you will need a WP developer to develop and maintain your website. The best option is to look for a freelance WordPress developer at the best freelancing platforms such as WordPress, Upwork and Freelancer.

1: WordPress

Because it is all about WordPress so the best options to find a freelance WP developer is to use WordPress Jobs Board. This platform allows users to post jobs and receive hundreds of applications in response of their post from interested developers. Visit Jobs.WordPress.Net, fill a form and find an expert as per your requirement. Once you get to the board, you will be required to produce following information:

  • Contact Details: User name, company name, personal or residential location, email address and phone numbers.
  • Job details: Write all the necessary details such as job title, job type, job category and most importantly your budget. Don’t forget to give a little description of your project.

Once you insert required information, you will be allowed to submit your post but before it appears on the internet, it will be reviewed by WP Quality Control Team. Besides, you should double check the details before final submission because once you submit click button you won’t be able to edit it unless you submit a request and get an approval which might take more than 24 hours.

2: Upwork

Upwork comes among the biggest platforms for connecting freelancers with businesses. Additionally, it is one of the most trusted websites both for those who are looking for work and those who are looking for experts. The hiring mechanism is quite simple as you simply need to write a job description and submit and in the response you will see how hundreds of experts are contacting you through this platform. Hiring is basically a 4-Step Process which is as follow:

  • Post a Job: If you are looking for an expert developer for your WordPress website, post your job descriptions and detailed requirement. For example, if you want to offer your assignment help to students through your website, mention it in description.
  • Hire an Expert: Once posted, you will receive proposal. Review proposals, visit profiles and choose the most suitable person who is qualified and experienced enough to work on your development project.
  • Project: Use this platform to discuss your project with the expert you have chosen and share necessary details, files and documents.
  • Payment: The agreed payment may be sent through a secured payment procedure such as a credit card or PayPal.

The best thing about Upwork is that you can choose a suitable level for the services you require. Upwork offers three levels which are as follow:

  • Level 1: Upwork: At this level, you can find a top freelancer who will work as per your requirement
  • Level 2: Upwork Pro: Besides professional freelancer, you will also get dedicated support.
  • Level 3: Upwork Enterprise: This is where you enjoy power of technology that can fulfill your company’s technical requirement.
  1. Freelancer

The third most preferred platform for hiring a freelance WordPress developer is Freelancer.com where you can get access to more than fifteen million registered professionals. If you want to get more qualified applicants for your project, you better get it posted as a “featured Freelance project”. Though, it will require you to spend some extra money, you will surely be satisfied with quality of work. If you are ready to Post Your Project at Freelancer, visit website now and follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Project Name: Give your project a name, for example, develop me a WordPress Website.
  • Step 2: Project Details: Give details of your project like what is the purpose of your project and what you actually want to achieve from it or you can also tell a little bit about yourself. You can also upload files or images which can better describe your needs.
  • Step 3: Skills You Need: Freelancer is a huge platform and you can easily find skilled professionals in every field and as per requirement of your project, you will specify skills you are looking for such as PHP or WordPress.
  • Step 4: Post or Contest: You can simply post your project to receive proposals from interested candidates or run a contest to receive and review work of talented professionals.
  • Step 5: Payment Procedures: For payment, you can either give a fixed price or hire on hourly basis. Once your estimated budget is set, you are ready to move forward.

All of the three websites described above can help you hire the best freelance Word press developer for your project.

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