Means to Become a Strategic Planning Consultant

Means to Become a Strategic Planning Consultant
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It’s a requisite for almost every organization to hire strategic planning consultants in order to form the strategy for future developments of the company. They are involved in evaluating everything that surrounds their clients. Furthermore, strategic planning consultants research from market trends to political & economic developments to anything that can have an impact on the business.

After exploring all the aspects of the business and creating a number of scenarios, everything that is discovered during the process is presented to the client. And finally, the proposals on the future strategy and the means to implement that strategy are extended to the clients.

Let us look at the qualities that you should inherit to become a smart and successful strategic planning consultant.


In order to be in this field, it is essential to have solid analytical skills and a good knowledge of the techniques applied to making market and business research. Moreover, there is a requirement for decent interpersonal skills for dealing with the clients in an effective manner. And lastly, when you are working closely with clients with high stature, you got to have great presentation skills in order to explain complicated theories and get acknowledgment for your recommendations.

The practice of strategic leadership is one of the most essential practices that a Strategic Planning Consultant should inherit. Strategic leadership and management helps you derive a vision for your enterprise that facilitates it to adapt to the changing technological and economic climate.


As a strategic planning consultant, you are expected to make useful propositions for determining the future success of a company. For this reason, the clients want someone who is qualified enough to do so. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is a mandate to have at least a bachelor’s degree in management, business, marketing, accounting, economics or else statistics to start your career as a strategic planning consultant. You can increase your credibility further by pursuing an MBA in business administration.


It is must to have a decent amount of experience in consulting or business management to be able to provide advice to the clients. To be efficient with your performance as a planning consultant, it is always better to gain experience as a marketing director or finance director. And also if you plan to give strategic consultancy in a particular sector (such as financial services and information technology), you should attain industry experience.

Employment or business

There are two ways to establish your career as a strategic planning framework, either by starting your employment at a consultancy firm or else by building up your own business. In case you chose the first option, carry out a proper research on the company you wish to join. Make an estimation of the opportunities and see what kind of projects they are into. You can also register yourself with an executive research firm to assist you in searching for good opportunities.

If you want to set up your own business, the first thing you do is to search for clients. For marketing your business, a website can be an awesome tool to do that. Mention your qualifications on the website and also provide information of the projects you have worked on earlier. Determine the businesses that might need your services and connect with them through email or mail. And explain to them how you can help them.

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