What is the best deodorant for men?

What is the best deodorant for men?
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Hot weather and frequent activities are some of the causes that make the skin under the arms of many people, especially men, produce sweats and unpleasant smells as well. Therefore, it is essential to find out a good type of deodorant that helps to get rid of the body odor and keep the skin under the arms dry. So what is the best deodorant for men? Following are some basic information about popular deodorants for men including Nivea, Rexon, Calvin Klein, Garnier, Ironman, Xmen, Etialxi, Enliven, Romano and Axe.


Nivea is a famous cosmetic brand that is advertised to take care of facial skin and the skin all over the body. This company also introduces deodorant products for both men and women.

In fact, the products from Nivea For Men often receive a lot of positive feedback from male customers because of the ability to help the skin to deodorize effectively; make the skin color under the arms become even and uniform and especially keep the skin under the arms dry for several hours even though the weather is very hot or the customers must take exercise with a great intensity. In addition, the smell of male deodorant makes him look more masculine.


As a competitor of Nivea, media campaigns for Rexona are organized widespread. Rexona is a deodorant brand of the Unilever, one of the most famous consumer product groups in the world. Rexona offers products to both men and women. Initially, Rexona brand was developed by an Australia physician and his wife in 1908.

If the odor of the underarms is not too severe, Rexona is a good choice for men. The most outstanding feature of Rexona for men is the ability to keep the dryness for many hours, fast absorption and slight scent. Therefore, Rexona can suit the needs of a number of customers of different ages.

Calvin Klein (CK)

Calvin Klein is well-known all over the world for its subtle fashion products. However, this brand name is much loved due to types of perfume and deodorant products. The fragrance of deodorants is quite attractive and suitable for both sexes.

Calvin Klein offers high-quality deodorant products with the main scent taken from wood and the cool flavor. Calvin Klein Man gives men a relax feeling and a dynamic, confident, powerful and personalized style. The men who are eager for sports are often keen on the smell of the products from Calvin Klein.


Ironman’s deodorant products are mainly extracted from Alcohol, Propylene and Aluminum Chlorohydrate. Therefore, they have the ability to inhibit the activities of sweat glands and narrow sweat ducts under the skin. Due to this mechanism, the amount of sweat from the armpits considerably reduces. In addition, odorous bacteria no longer have the opportunity and favorable environment to survive and grow.

In addition to the function to take the odor away from the body, Ironman deodorants provide men with a strong and masculine aroma. Besides, Ironman gives a variety of scents to male customers, so men can delight in choosing their favorite scent to replace their traditional perfume. As usual, the Ironman scent stays on the body for a long time and almost does not evaporate in the air.


Surely the deodorants and the consumer products provided by Xmen is not strange to male customers because this is the best-selling brand in the market of all the body and hair care products of men. Xmen satisfies the requirements of consumers, from fragrance, uses to price.

Xmen’s deodorant products are mainly extracted from Alcohol, Perfume, Mentho, Triclosan, Triethanolamine, Water and Aluminum Chlorohydrate. As a result, it brings a wonderful aroma, helps to control sweating under the arms effectively, removes bad odors, fights against the bacteria emitting odors and keep the armpit clean. As a result, men can comfortably work and take part in outdoor activities all the day without worrying about the body odor. The deodorant products from Xmen do not contain alcohol and paraben, so they do not clog pores or prevent the skin from respiring. The enjoyable aroma of this product lasts for 48 hours.


Etiaxil is not only a common deodorant but also a specific remedy for the sweat from the underarm skin. The products are used for both men and women. In particular, Etiaxil for men has no odor and does not make the shirt wet or bring stains to the shirt like many other deodorant products.

Moreover, Etiaxil deodorants are recommended by many dermatologists, especially in case you have excessive sweat under the arms. The unique formulation of the products from Etiaxil will have a direct effect and help to treat smelly armpits rapidly from the first use. The ingredients of Etiaxil are quite benign, thus, causing no irritation or allergy to the skin when being exposed to the skin. Etiaxil deodorants for men can suit all skin types including the extremely sensitive skin.


Romano, which belongs to theĀ  Wipro multinational corporation, is a body care brand for men. Romano offers men a wide variety of products ranging from hair care, skin care, hair gels to deodorant products and perfumes with the unique and masculine smell. Romano’s deodorants are specially formulated for men and are supplemented with antibiotic ingredients that help prevent having sweats effectively during 24 hours. Moreover, the products of this brand do not cause a lot of grease, so the skin under the arm is always dry. Romano deodorants bring a very refreshing and cool aroma, which is suitable for those desire to show their confident, youthful and dynamic style under every circumstance.


Axe is a body care brand for men of Unilever multinational company. Axe is known as the brand specialized in men’s fragrance with top-selling products in 78 different countries across the continents.

Axe deodorant products provide customers with sophisticated exterior design and interior scent. When using Axe deodorants, men do not have to worry about the unpleasant odors emitting from the body, even in the hottest weather. Besides, the skin under the arm becomes dry and is protected from bacteria. Axe deodorants can be used for all skin types. The products almost do not lead to irritation or allergy. Another plus of the product is that it offers various types of fragrances for men to select.

If you are losing confidence because of body odor, it is highly recommended that you should refer to one of the deodorant products above. In fact, each type of deodorant has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is necessary for you to learn more about the characteristics of the skin. From there, you can choose the best deodorant for men to keep the body dry and clean.


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