Ways Of Growing Thicker Hair

Ways Of Growing Thicker Hair
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Girls have always dreamed of having lovely look of hair like Kim Kardashian, Emma Stone or Selena Gomez and may be boys of Brad Pitt. David Beckham or Leonardo Dicaprio. But you ever tried to know what kind of care they provide to those lovely hair strands: essential oils, big brand shampoos, hair products and hair styles suggested by world class hair artists. After all such their hairs shine like Rapunzel.

But, can we afford all these stuffs? Achieving a thicker hair growth is a tough task, need proper care or hair, using right choice of shampoos and conditioners, avoiding heat generating products and many more things. Also, there are certain tips you might follow for a thicker hair growth.

But, first look at these points which may be causing you hair thinning

Stress does not cause hair loss but due to it immune system weakens and may play a role in hair loss.

Poor Diet
Hair follicles need certain vitamins, minerals and proteins for sustaining hair growth. They might include in your daily diet or hair may fall.

Pollution, dirt and dust can take away all the moisture from hair follicles, results in hair breakage and fall.

If you have a family history of hair loss the at very early age you hair may start falling.

Hormonal Disorder
Your hormones can imbalance due to reasons like menopause, thyroid, stress, irregular menstrual cycles.

Now, we are moving up to some important tips to achieve thicker hair growth.

Tips For Thicker Hair Growth

Use Chemical Free Hair Products
There are wide range of hair products: shampoos, conditioner, oils, serums are available in market from lower to high prices. Before choosing any product check its ingredients as it may contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals can boost the breakage of hair.
These harmful chemicals list consists of sodium lauryl sulfate, silicones, and parabens. There are big NOs. Replace your bathroom with products having less chemicals or natural products are great choice because they include natural extracts of  aloe vera, almonds, citrus fruits, etc.

Use The Right Hair Washing Tact
It may seem normal to you but how you wash those strands can be role player in growth of thicker hair. The first thing you have to do is stop washing your hair with shampoo everyday. It prevents the scalp from producing natural oils which provide nourishment to hairs also it can take away all the moisture from hairs and make them dull, easy to breakage.

Second, avoid using hot water for washing hair, it dehydrate them and make brittle. It’s better to wash hair with cold water everyday.

Provide Massage To Scalp
You can chose coconut oil or any that provides nourishment to scalp and hair. Gently massage your scalp with oil in a circular motion using finger points. Process it for several minutes, cover the whole scalp. You have to wash hair the next day in the morning. It promotes hair growth as blood circulation to the scalp is stimulated.

Dry Hair Naturally
Use a towel to dry your hair because it’s good to do this thing naturally. Don’t hold hair too tight, instead lightly and then proceed. If you are in hurry then sit near fan or cooler to dry hair faster. You can use the sun exposure to for the same.

Hydrate Your Hair
If you want to keep your hair shiny, healthy and breakage free, condition it deeply to the scalp regularly. Apply hair conditioner after washing hair.  Frizzy and brittle hair break easily, you can use hair oil, serum or cream to provide regular hydration.

Combing Hair Softly
It’s necessary to avoid plastic and metal brushes with crowded teeth. Using them on wet hair can make hair easily break as scalp is wet.

You can use a wide toothed comb and softly rub it on the scalp. Also avoid combing your hair for several time, do it 1-2 times a day.

Stay Away From Heat
Nowadays, due to deficiency of time people use hair dryers to make hair dry. It’s not only procedure which generates heat, this list might include dryers, straighteners and curling irons. Using these heating products can make hair dry, dull and easily damaged. Use them only on special occasions.

Use natural hair style methods such as, buns, braids, and plait. Don’t tighten hair too much as it can hair from the root.

Take A Nutritional Diet
Avoid fast food and start taking diet that contains major vitamins, minerals and proteins which are necessary for hair growth. Our hair follicles need proper nutrition to promote natural looking hair growth so provide it with right diet

Stop Taking Stress
Stress causes weak immune system which is prone to catch dangerous disease. In disease its common to loss hair as it’s kind of physical trauma to body. Live a happy life and keep your hair healthy.

So, if you are feeling your hairs are under the weather then start following this tips or if you think the hair loss has taken an extreme phase then visit a good clinic and look for PRP hair loss treatment, its worthy of money and provides natural looking results. Good Luck

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