All You Need To Know About Phone Cleaner App

All You Need To Know About Phone Cleaner App
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We clutter our phones with apps, photos, videos and files that we don’t even need anymore. There are just there… randomly… all over it (most of which we are not even aware of). It is a good idea to keep our phone clean. ‘Coz cleanliness comes with a lot of advantages:

  • more storage space
  • boosted performance
  • extended battery life
  • better device management & more

And this is what phone cleaner apps do – CLEAN! They clean cached files piling over time, along with even larger files taking up space no apparent reason. So, if you do not have much memory left on your phone, it’s time you invest in a good phone cleaner app.

Here are top 8 things that the best phone cleaner app can do for you.

Top 8 things that a phone cleaner app does

  1. It cleans junk files.

A good phone cleaner app has the ability to clean junk files cluttering your device space. They include system cache, application cache, empty folders, APK files, residual files and other useless data on your device.

Some also allow users to uninstall rarely used application that has been there on your phone for eternity (and you have forgotten about it).  As you get more storage space, your device will speed up and give you a smoother (no lag) working experience.

  1. It boosts phone speed.

A phone cleaner app helps you get the most out of your Android phone (at least the good ones do). It offers performance enhancing features like optimization and high-end maintenance in a single click. It can boost your phone making multi-tasking all the swifter and easier for you.

Some cleaners have a one-tap boost option that works by targeting heavy unwanted apps running in the background and terminates them. You get more RAM space, and your phone is effectively boosted.

  1. It boosts RAM

A phone cleaner can boost RAM space. If your phone has started to lag, it’s because of a filled up RAM. A phone cleaner thus can also work as a RAM Booster. It deeply analyzes your device’s storage, find out unwanted files and data that you do not need and allows the option to delete them.
As it has capable optimization and cleaning tools, it can successfully accelerate your overall phone performance. Such apps can also release extra memory, thereby adding up performance durability. You get a platform to play your games better.

  1. It boosts game

Tired of game lags? Good news! A phone cleaner also contributes to a better gaming experience. When it kills unnecessary apps running in the background, it has an impressive impact on your games as well. Plus, such apps place your game on priority and gets you more speed. All-in-all, it can boost your gaming speed by up to 60%.

  1. It protects against virus attack

Some Android phone cleaners can also protect your device from intruders like viruses, malware, and other infections. If your device’s performance is inconsistent, i.e., too fast or sometimes too slow, it must be because of a virus.

A phone cleaner can scan your phone (provided the functionality exists) for viruses and keep it free from malicious programs, unwanted applications, and infections in real-time. It makes sure no personal data is leaked elsewhere, thus totally eliminating privacy risks.

  1. It saves battery power

Best phone cleaner apps on the Google Play Store is also good for your battery. They try to identify the reason behind abrupt power drainage and suggests tweaks to extend battery life. They also offer detailed battery usage info and other related data.

They also try to fix issues related to power consumption so that less energy is consumed. Options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, display, sound, GPS, etc. are taken into consideration. You can also find out how much battery life is left on your device.

  1. It deletes similar looking photos

Since photos occupy a lot of space on our devices, it is advised to keep them as minimal as possible. If you are so into clicking every day moments of your life, we have a solution too. Do you know (which you probably do) that 40 percent of your photo album is filled with duplicate and similar looking photos? And you do nothing about it!

A phone cleaner app can also identify those unwanted photos taking up your device space and offers the option to delete them. Imagine how much memory you can save that way! (That too without the need for tedious manual cleaning)

  1. It manages your apps

Some phone cleaner apps also act as app managers. They keep a check on all installed apps on your phone, the ones your daily use and the one that you hardly use. They then produce a list of apps that you can do without.

You can choose the apps you want to uninstall and release space occupied by them. They also offer quick details about the app so that it is easier for you to make the decision.

To wrap up


Need a phone cleaner app? You know where to find them, right? Yes! The Google Play Store. ITL Phone Cleaner is one of the most popular mobile cleaner app and comes with all of these features – junk cleaner, photo booster, battery saver, virus remover, duplicate photos cleaner, app manager plus a few more. With an impressive 4.7-star user based rating, you sure can give it a try! We know it’s good.

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