5 Best Smartphone Addiction Solutions

5 Best Smartphone Addiction Solutions
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Smartphone addiction is not a new term anymore as users are seriously affected by it. Here, people are facing multiple issues including personal & professional life issues, health problems, anxiety and more. While there are some basic solutions to it that can help you fix the problem here we have covered them in detail. Following these simple steps, you can fix smartphone addiction and save a lot of your time.

Uninstall Unnecessary Apps: To begin with, you should find and uninstall all those unnecessary apps that are not in use anymore. These apps may include some old ticket booking app, some social media app, some gaming app or similar. By uninstalling these unnecessary apps, you will reduce the number of notifications you receive from these apps for no reasons. Here, it will also help you save device resource including battery life. For bloatware or pre-installed apps on your device, you can head to device settings app and disable them to stop unnecessary distraction.

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Disable Notifications: One of the primary reasons that affect your daily routine and causes distraction issue is notifications on your device that you keep on receiving at regular intervals. The irony is that most of these notifications don’t add any value to your time or are of no purpose at all.  Due to included adware with apps on your device, many apps keep you bugging with unnecessary ads that waste your valuable time and distracts you from important things. Here, we suggest you visit your device settings and disable notifications for all unwanted services & apps.

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Set Network Free Zone: This is another quick and effective step that helps you save a lot of your precious time. Here, you can set network free zones at your home and workplace. For example, you can set a meeting room in your office as a network free zone where no one can carry their smartphones. Similarly, you can set the dining area at home as a network free zone to stay away from smartphones. This simple trick will not only help you give attention to work in hand, but it will also give you chance to relax for some time. In addition to that, you can set time limits or set a specific time to check notifications while at home or in the office. You can set the similar restrictions for your kids as well.

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Spare Time for Your Hobbies: This is one of the most effective ways that not only help you detach yourself from smartphone addiction, but it will also help you keep your mind and body relaxed. Here, you can spare time from smartphone usage to spend your favorite hobbies. You can utilize this time to listen to your favorite music or playing your favorite game etc. This will also give you more time to interact with people whom you care most like your family & friends.

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Use Smart App Solutions: Next in the solutions list is using the app to reduce the dependence on your smartphone. Here, we are talking about Social Fever that offers an advanced solution to keep a tab on your app and smartphone usage. It offers a detailed report of individual app usage and helps you reduce dependence on your smartphone device. It helps you set & track goals, show usage history, display app usage, protect your eye & ear health and more. You can use this smart solution to reduce smartphone addiction and save time.

Conclusion: While smartphone devices offer abundant useful features to make your life simple, it also causes certain issues. Here, we have discussed some basic solutions to fix these problems. If you know more such solutions, then feel free to comment below.

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