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Indian call centres enjoy a good rapport amongst all the call centres around the globe. In fact, many companies and corporates prefer outsourcing their customer support services to call centres in India as it is very economical and reliable. There are a number of practical reasons behind choosing Indian call centres over call centres of any other country. The agents can speak English fluently which is the international language and is understood by almost every literate person in the country. Currently, not just small businesses but conglomerates and big brands also have outsourced their call center processes to India.

They use these call centres to solve the problems of customers worldwide. The positive feedback of outsourcing contact center processes to India has motivated many domestic and non-domestic companies to outsource their processes to India too. The fact that many other Asian countries also offer such services at competitive prices is known to all but still, the call centres in India are always the first outsourcing choice.

In this blog, we tell you why outsourcing BPO services is the best thing for your businesses.

Highly educated labour force

India is popular for its tech-savvy professionals. The number of IT graduates and fluent English speakers is quite high. After the USA, Indian is the second country that has people who can converse in English well. The other Asian countries, no company would find such a desirable combination of technically sound agents with good communication skills.

Dedicated call centre outsourcing services

Leading Call centres in India have experience in providing professional customer services for companies with different reaches. Services majorly include inbound and visiting outbound calls, telemarketing, tech support, email marketing, chat support and disaster recovery, etc. All of them are provided by every Indian call centre. Besides, IT-enabled services such as help desk, remote network management, accounting and the end-to-end processing. That is why the best way to focus is to outsource call centre services to India as it is not just feasible but qualitative as well. Labor force, developed technology, resources with operational expertise is present in these contact centres.

Round-the-clock service

Big companies and corporates ship their processes to some trusted vendor in India. One of the major reasons is also the time zone advantages. The call centres in India provide round the clock services. It is so because of the difference in time of twelve hours. Moreover, the round the clock availability helps the customers in getting instant solution to their problem at any time of the day. When customers get a solution in real time, they start appreciating the company in front of their knowns.

Supportive Indian policy

The government anticipated the potential of call center industry in the beginning itself. The industry has grown so rapidly in a few years that it has increased the employment opportunities in the country to a large extent. Due to all these reasons, the government has always supported the outsourcing industry. The industry has been exempted from tax on the export of ITEs and has also allowed custom free exports of capital commodities. They have also been given assistance in building the pool of software technology which is facilitated with latest telecom infrastructure and facilities.

Modern technology and infrastructure

With the support of government, the call centers in India are able to keep themselves well-equipped with the latest infrastructure and technology. Due to privatization and the drop in the price of internet charges, the Indian call centres are able to deliver better services at a lower price than other Asian companies.

Cost saving call-centre services

You may find a plethora of call centres across the globe who will offer you services at competitive price. However, it is next to impossible to find a call centre that promises and delivers quality services at such an effective price in any other country than India. The charges in India are almost half of what it would cost you to outsource your services to US or UK. It is so as the manpower in India is available at cheap rates. Hence, such cost-efficient yet qualitative services have made many call centres outsource their services to Indian call centres.

In a nutshell, due to the aforementioned points, Indian call centres have always had an edge over the call centres of any other country. Moreover, due to their ability to deliver services at good prices, the clients of these call centres experience a phenomenal growth rate in their business and an improved brand image. So, if your company is looking to outsource its customer support services, outsourcing it to call centres in India must be your first decision.

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