Pros and Cons of Phone-Based Security System

Pros and Cons of Phone-Based Security System
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Security systems in the Philippines are an asset to any business that would implement them in their establishment. These systems increase security by a high percentage—sometimes completely removing any chances of criminal activity from happening!

With the advancements that security systems have gone throughout the years, it has slowly evolved into something that can be operated at the palm of your hands! While the norm requires computers and slightly faster-operating systems, some security systems have the capability to function with only the help of the Internet and your smartphone!

That being said, having a phone-based security system has its ups and downs—and you need to consider them both! So here are some of the Pros and Cons that a phone-based security system has!


Overall Convenience

The most appealing thing about phone-based security systems in the Philippines is that they have little to no wirings at all! It eliminates the struggles of installing these around your home—in the case of video surveillance, all the while considering where the wires should be placed! Since most of this kind of security system is DIY, you won’t need to pay for any installation fees!

Ease of Use

A security system that can be operated on your phone is not only very convenient but also very easy to use! Most of the time, the mobile formatting makes the interface smoother and easier to understand. Most mobile interfaces move away from heavy texts and rely on clear icons and guidelines to help the user.

Remote Access

Another great thing about phone-based security systems is the fact that they can be accessed anywhere you are! All you need is your phone and a reliable internet connection! It would let you monitor your home or office from far away.

Along with the good side of phone-based security systems, comes the bad side that is equally important to consider.


Reliance on the Network Connections

Its best asset is also its greatest weakness. Especially in the Philippines where internet speed is not something worth boasting about, a reliance on Internet connections can be filled with countless interference’s. Faulty connections would prevent you from accessing your devices and other machines that emit electromagnetic waves can also interfere with your connection.

Vulnerable to Hacking

Your modern criminals don’t just run at your home or office and break doors and windows anymore. Some of them are intelligent enough to breakthrough your virtual security systems and access your assets easily.

The security systems that are remotely controlled all have a certain level of risk particularly to hackers who are experienced in the cyberspace. When your security system doesn’t have sufficient protection against hackers such as intense data encryptions and firewalls, then you should look for a better-suited system, or find a way to enhance its defensive capabilities.

Key Takeaway

Phone-based security systems are a slowly growing niche in the security system industry. Its convenience and user-friendly interface makes it easy to grasp and understand, but its reliance on the network makes it quite vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Make sure that you weigh the pros and cons of having a phone-based security system in the Philippines when you plan on using one!

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