All About Aadhar Card – Benefits, Why To Update?, And How To Update?

All About Aadhar Card  – Benefits, Why To Update?, And How To Update?
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Nowadays, if you want a legal process to be done hassle-free, your Aadhar card number can work like a magic wand for you. As many government departments made it compulsory to fill aadhar number in the forms.  So it is necessary to be correct in every aspect.

It is a 12 digit unique code, which is assigned to the residents of India, having all important information of an individual from demographic details (Name, age, gender, date of birth, address, email address, mobile number, and relationship status) to biometric details fingerprints, iris, facial photograph. It basically works as a unique identification card or proof for every individual residing in India.

Major benefits of Aadhar card:

  • Legal proof: One can use it directly as an ID and Address proof.
  • Subsidies: It helps you avail refunds ofvarious subsidies from the government like LPG subsidy.
  • Passport: With the help of aadhar card one can get a passport within 10 days.
  • Income tax: A person can verify its filed returns through few easy and simple steps online as the use of aadhar card eliminated the documentation needs.
  • Bank account: While opening a bank account earlier one have to collect documents regarding identity proofs but now you just need an Aadhar card as your ID proof as well as Address proof.
  • Pension: Pension process becomes easy for senior citizens as they only need to register with their Aadhar card number and get ensured for timely pension pay-out.


But for the smooth use of Aadhar card for having its benefits, your details must be up to date. Even a single spelling mistake can lead to many problems.

Situations when you need to update Aadhar Information:

  • Name, address, marital status are updated due to reasons like a spelling mistake or change in address after marriage etc.
  • A child gets enrolled for aadhar card at any age below 5 but when a child attainsthe age of 5 years, he/she have to re-enrolled anda new application must be registered but the Aadhar number remains same. As he/ she gets 15 years old or above,it is necessary to update his/her biometric information.
  • For any biometric related issue, you have to visit the nearby Aadhar Centre for updating the same.
  • If one hasn’t used Aadhar card for over 3 continuous years for any kind of transaction it can be a bank transaction or any other, the card can become inactive. To reactivate Aadhar card, one has to visit the nearby Aadhar Centre.


  • PAN card, Ration card, Voter card, Driving license, Pensioner photo ID card etc.

Documents used as PROOF OF ADDRESS:

  • Passport, Ration card, Voter ID, Post Office passbook, Driving license, Bank passbook, Electricity bill etc.

Documents used as PROOF OF DATE OF BIRTH:

  • PAN card, Birth Certificate, Mark sheet issued by any government board or university etc.


Now, here are the 3 modes to correct or update your Aadhar details/ information:

Online details updating: By opting this mode one can only make demographic updates in information. For making changes in details by online method one make sure that his/her mobile is registered with the Aadhar card.

  1. Open Self Service Update Portal.
  2. Login with your Aadhar number and also by inserting the right captcha in the textbox. Then one OTP will come on your registered phone number. Use this OTP to complete the login process.
  3. Next window will pop up named as Data Update Request. Here, one has to mark the checkboxes in front of the Details/ Information, he/she needs to update.
  4. Further, scan and upload the self-attested documents including the proof of identity.
  5. Then review the updated information by selecting BPO service provider and press submit.
  6. Lastly, you get an update request number, which can be used for further tracking the status of your request.


Visit nearby Centre: With this method, one can make updates to both demographics and biometric details.Whenever you visit the Centrefor updating details, you have to carry your original documentsas proof of updated information.These documents are scanned and given back to you after updating details.There is a minor fee of Rs. 25/- (Rupees Twenty Five)which one has to pay for making any kind of changes in Aadhar card details.It will take around 90 days for new updated Aadhar card to be delivered to your address.

By post:This method only helps you in making demographic changes to your Aadhar Card data.

  1. You have to download the Form from UIDAI official website.
  2. Fill the required details and changes.
  3. Get the photocopies of the documents which are related to the updates.
  4. Lastly, post the form along with photocopies of supporting documents to the postal address.

The whole process of updating data is simple and easy.So, don’t hesitate and make updates whenever you need to. As the Aadhar number is becoming essential for easily availing various services offered by Government as well as private sector. For more details about Adhar Card Visit here.

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