5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Car

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Car
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The wedding is one of the most unforgettable days of the couple’s life. To make the wedding memorable the newly engaged couple looks for extraordinary liveliness like arriving at the wedding in a luxurious Bentley, giving beautiful wedding favours, arranging photo booth and serving hot chocolate tea, these all are the small stuff that makes the entire event wonderful and glamorous. Organising and planning for the wedding seem easy, but in reality, it’s not. The newly engaged couples have to go through each and everything in-person be it a tasting the food to picking the natural flowers, arranging music to the floral decoration of the wedding transportation.

These days, most of the couples pay much attention to their wedding transportation right after selecting the wedding dress and venue. Because wedding transportation is one such thing that grabs more attention concerning others? Imagine arriving at the wedding in a decadent Bentley Hire would surely give your guests a reason to remember your wedding for many years to come.

But, here are a few tips which newly-engaged couples have to consider before selecting their dream wedding car.

Book it early: The one thing which newly-engaged couples have to do right after finalising the wedding date is to book the wedding transportation. The longer you wait, the lesser chance you will get the car of your dream. So, to avoid last-minute disappointment, it’s always better to book the wedding transportation early, around five to six months before the wedding. It also allows you to fix your wedding budget.

Make sure your wedding dress fits inside: Obviously, the brides you want a wedding car that can easily adjust your wedding dress. So, for a safer side, you can sit into the desirable wedding transportation with your wedding dress to check that the wedding car has enough space and it can keep your wedding dress safe from wrinkles.

How many transportation’s you need to hire: Well, this is something you need to concern of? If you are having a countryside wedding, then you must have to offer transportation that can cater to all your guests from the hotel to the venue and back. So, make sure to tell the car rental company about how many transportation’s you want and ask if they have any wedding packages and can make that fits in your budget.

Get everything in writing: Make sure you are getting everything from the car rental company in writing. Double cross-checks the wedding date, time, location and checks that the chauffeur is CRB checked or not?  Make sure to ask about the insurance and if the vehicle which you have reserved is not available on the same day for mechanical or other reasons, do they provide you with another car?

Have in-person with the chauffeur: Most of the car rental companies allows the couples to have a personal meeting with the chauffeur to ensure that the chauffeur is polite and experienced. Make sure you are also having an in-person meeting with the chauffeur.

Hence, all newly engaged couples do your homework well before booking the wedding car for your dream day.

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