Empty Leg Charter Flights

Empty Leg Charter Flights
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Empty leg flights operated by private charters are getting attrated in India. Don’t think that they are cheap, but they can certainly give you the luxury of flying by a private jet at a fraction of the real cost. These are private jet flights that are operating empty on one way i.e. it will not carry passengers either while returning or after they have ferried someone or are flying empty to pick up someone from somewhere. Empty legs offer private jet travel at a much lower cost, Book a flight if you are ready to take a deal . Private charter flights are often one-way; therefore the aircraft can spend a lot of flying time without passengers. Empty leg charters are available at 75% lesser rate than normal airlines.

Benefits of hiring Empty leg charter flights

Private jet charter saves time and they are flexible as compared to traditional flights. They arrive 15 minutes before your departure time, Empty leg charters clear private security screening and wait in an exclusive lounge in a private jet terminal. Empty leg charters can use smaller and better located airports all over the world, so that you can easily get closer to your destination. Usually, the private charter company informs a mediator about the availability of such an empty flight where the mediator puts out an alert on this to its clients. Most of the clients are corporate.

An empty flight is a private jet flying without passengers. It happens when an aircraft drops off passengers at their destination and returns home without any passengers or when it flies without anyone to pick up passengers at another airport.  Empty leg aircraft must fly empty to return to its previous destination, it has to pick up its next set of passengers. By booking the empty leg charter wisely, you could save up to 75% on the cost of a conventional private jet charter

What’s the deal for flyers?

When you book an empty leg charter, you could save up to 75 per cent on the standard charter charge. Usually, it is a cost-effective option if you’re flexible on timings and routes and open to a last-minute deal. The services and offers on the empty leg are identical to those provided on a normal private charter. Private charters fly to almost any place in the world even to remote locations.

Benefits to charter operators

Apart from passengers, one way flights are very beneficial to the operators. For them, it is extra revenue over and above the money earned on the regular booked flight and also there is no additional cost. Empty leg charter flights have become a trend in India and the trend is catching up now. Experts believe that this system will grow. Most of them are backing this belief on the steady growth of the private charter business which has increased 300 per cent over the past decade. Fares depend on the distance and the journey schedule.  The fares are pretty much different from the commercial airlines where the fares increase nearer to the date of departure.

Empty legs can be booked only through our Oneway Mobile app .

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