6 Shocking Facts about Hair Dye

6 Shocking Facts about Hair Dye
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In the endeavour to flaunt the perfect tresses of enigmatic colours, we take our pick with the different Hair Colour brands presenting the enchanting range of attractive shades. But do you ever wonder that these hair colours might be high on synthetic and chemical content that might lead to serious damage? Well, not always are we so cautious in the bid to wear the exclusive Hair Colour that we did like as per individual preferences. Chemical hair colours consist of heavy metals and come with a damaging chemical composition that causes more harm than do good. All you want is to get your locks coloured with the shade of your choice, then why not opt for the safest option that is available in the name of the Best Natural Hair Colour?

It is not without reasons that the Best Natural Hair Colour bears the tag that it ‘colours with care’, for itmight actually contribute to your health in a broader sense. Chemical hair colours without a hint of doubt helps to colour the hairs with the desired tint in a matter of only a few minutes, but it is not without the various side effects that get attached under its name.

Here we get you enlisted the 6 shocking facts about hair dye that you really need to know about:

  • The chemical hair colors contains Ammonia, Ppd, heavy metals, synthetic colours, fertilisers and pesticides to get the required chemical concentration that helps to dye the hairs with the respective colour shade, unlike the Best Natural Hair Colour which happens to be 100% Chemical free that contains no Ammonia, no Ppd, no heavy metals and none of the synthetic additives for the matter and helps to color the hairs in a completely natural manner. The normal hair colour products are extremely high on chemicals that might lead to severe allergic reactions. Although the primary symptoms include redness, itching, swelling around eyes or eyelids, but research has shown that these allergic reactions due to the harmful chemicals causes damage to the health in the long run. Ayurvedic hair colour being 100% chemical free causes no allergic reactions and is without any side effects.
  • Herbal hair colour happens to be 100% Ammonia free which comes as an added advantage for exposure to high concentrations of Ammonia, which the chemical hair products contain to a greater degree, can lead to a number of serious problems like respiratory problems, blindness and also might result in lung damage and death.In respect of chemical Hair Colour that are infused with Ammonia, a strong pungent smell is characteristic of the same. This smell causes respiratory problems for some who happen to be sensitive to such strong essence. For them, opting for an herbal hair color is a great option, for being devoid of Ammonia they instead are infused with sweet fragrances like orange etc.Natural hair color are essentially made from the best quality herbs and essential oils like, Jojoba Oil Aloe Vera, Basil, Honey etc. that are known to work magic in terms of hair care. They provide for additional benefits of nourishing the hairs and scalp that chemical hair colour has to its disadvantage.
  • The chemical hair dyes are known to aggravate the problem of asthma, due to the persulphates present in them. These tend to cause lung inflammation, sore throat and severe asthma attack that can lead to a number of health complications. Ayurvedic hair colour consists of herbs and natural extracts that contain no persulphates and no said complications in respect of the asthma patients.
  • The prolonged use of the synthetic Hair Colour has been linked to rheumatoid arthritis as per the research goes.
  • Chemical hair dyes contain Ppd which can damage DNA cells and in the long run can cause cancer.
  • Resorcinol is another chemical that is present in certain chemical Hair Colour that is known to cause breast cancer. Organic hair colour on the other hand, contains no Ppd and no heavy metals and chemicals and is dermatologist tested to be labelled a 100% safe product.

It is important that you take the necessary caution while taking your pick with a hair dye to be precise. Opt for the Best Natural Hair Colour that comes as the ideal alternative that helps cover up the greys naturally and adds many years of youth to your lifespan. While helping the customers to look young, the completely organic herbal hair dyesare known to contribute majorly to the evergreen spirit of the life force to stay younger and healthier for a longer time.

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