What is Android Rooting? Benefits of Rooting Your Android Phone or Tablet

What is Android Rooting? Benefits of Rooting Your Android Phone or Tablet
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What is Android Rooting? Benefits of Rooting Your Android Phone or Tablet

Nowadays with smartphones as a standard tool, we happened to have powerful devices in our pockets. Phones or tablets with the same complexity as a computer and capable of being customized in the same way. The root, on Android devices, is the process that allows us to take full control of the device and here we will begin to explain its operation.

Android Root, rooting or rooting.Three terms that sure many of you are familiar but will try to explain clearly in this section. What is the root, what it is or how to do questions that we will try to answer are for all those that start in this world and always from a standpoint of easy assimilation?

Rooting also helps you to have full access to any Android game or application. But there are also some games in which you enjoy their unlimited access with root. Mini Militia Unlimited Health is one of those where you don’t need any root access. You can freely use it same as it’splaystore version.

When we talk about making root a device, in this case always a terminal with the Android operating system, we are talking about the method used to achieve have Administrator or Super User ( Super User )

Based on Linux, like Android, the process of the root is required when we want to have full control of the system, which is necessary especially for the installation of ROM than Stocks ROM or to run certain applications, such as Titanium Backup, which allows you to backup all our device. When you root we enter the main directory called root directory and ensure Administrator privileges or as it is called in Android, Super User or ( Super User ).

Having to access root offers advantages among which the order to install ROM and unofficial products, the elimination of restrictions imposed by some companies add improvements created and developed by the user community or be able to use certain programs that other forms can not install. But it should be noted that the advantages end there. Great, it is true, but only interesting be root if you are going to work closely with some of them.

Has drawbacks to be root? Well yes, it does, and now we will explain some of them. The principal, although in most cases it is reversible, is that when root lose the guarantee of our phone, something incomprehensible to a system that is sold as open source, but it is. On the other hand, we can open doors that were previously controlled by malicious programs that might access information of a personal nature and make use of it unwanted.

In another sense, the process we undertake when purchasing administrator privileges is not without risk because if we do not follow the steps set can make our device to go into a very expensive paperweight. In this sense, all the steps performed are conducted under our responsibility, because if something goes wrong it is very likely, if not almost certain, we can not use or even guarantee our terminal.

Therefore, root yes, if we’re going to give you useful, but with caution when to do it. And once done, enjoy.

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