Toys that will Make People from the 90s Nostalgic

Toys that will Make People from the 90s Nostalgic
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The 90s. One of the most treasured times of a young adult’s life. It was the time where video games were all the norm, the internet had yet to make an impact as massive as today’s, and as such, the time where blockbuster after blockbuster was released to the delight of many children. Also, certain toys were a big hit back then—and with various molding companies up and about,there are more than enough reasons to guarantee enjoyment and smiles from kid’s faces!

Fast forward to 2018, a lot of things have changed. Gone are many of the things the 90s used to offer and in are the numerous advancements of technology. Not only that, molding companies around the world have also gotten their fair share of upgrades, whether it be regarding the machinery they use, or their processes all in all. Nonetheless, the 90s kid in most of us are ready for some nostalgia—and to serve up some nostalgia, here are some of the best relics of the 90s that will surely take you on a trip down memory lane!


 Not all of us were allowed to keep pets as kids—so, to remedy that, this toy came quite in handy! With a virtual pet to care for and love by pushing a series of buttons, Tamagotchis were (and still are) the toys everyone wanted!

Polly Pocket

 Dollhouses were a thing of the 90s as well—but being able to fit one in your pocket? Now that’s where Polly Pockets come in!

With a lot of variety of what you can do with them, as well as the many different accessories that can come with the toy, Polly Pockets were some of the ultimate relics of the 90s! Plus, who could ever forget the amazing Polly Pocket herself? With her awesome blonde hair and amazing personality, every girl of the 90s wanted to be her!


 While still going strong today (thanks Mario!), we can’t deny that the entirety of Nintendo was a HUGE deal of the 90s! With every game and every console being in everyone’s homes at the time, molding companies were having a blast manufacturing this line’s very products!

And when it comes to one of the most iconic consoles of the name, who could ever forget the ‘Nintendo Entertainment System’, also more popularly known as the ‘NES’, the console where Super Mario Bros. got its first start!


BeyBlades were the ultimate tops to spin around…literally! Pulling the trigger and watch those toys clash into one another and send some sparks were all the rage in the 90s. Like most things hailing from the 90s, these toys are some of the most amazing ones we would love to see again today!

Key Takeaway

 These toys from the 90s have all made us smile and laugh! It really goes to show that when molding companies produce something great, their impact can last for years to come and ultimately, evoke nostalgia from all corners for a lot of people!

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