Keep these trends in mind this year for your E-commerce app

Keep these trends in mind this year for your E-commerce app
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As the New Year dawns every industry in signifying its trends that should be followed to get the maximum outcomes and provide complete customer gratification. Same is the case with mobile application development. Every business is trying its best to develop an app or want to upgrade the existing ones according to the latest happenings and requirements of their customers. The competition enhances if you have an E-commerce app as they are the apps which have to cater to many aspects of public dealing simultaneously. As the convenience of online buying is attracting more and more customers with every passing day the need increases to establish your E-commerce application that serves the customers with the best options to make their buying process a luxury.

A number of new technologies and feature advancement were introduced during the last year and now with the beginning of this year, these technologies and features are expected to reach an ultimate level.

Here we are going to discuss some of the trends that are necessary to leave a mark on your customers’ minds and take your business to the top most level.

User-friendly mobile apps

The apps this year are going to be developed in a way that are attractive to customers and provide a complete user experience. The app’s navigation should be designed in such a way that even a beginner or your new customer can check each and every part with complete ease and comfort. The year 2018 is going to be the year of simplicity but this doesn’t mean that the app should look boring and vague. The look is extremely important. Make sure that your app is interesting enough to look at and it has every ability to turn a potential client into a permanent one.

Integration of augmented reality

The only drawback of online buying is the lack of physical presence of the products offered. To overcome this restriction use of augmented reality is increasing day by day. Almost every top-ranked E-store is offering their customers the augmented reality experience and it is one of the reasons for their top rank. The luxury of looking yourself wearing the glasses you want to buy or to try the dress on through the augmented reality is definitely a plus point. Even while buying household items like furniture or bedding the ease of having a complete image of how it would look in your home is the safest option.

Keep a track of the users’ buying behavior

Analyzing your customer’s behavior is extremely important to provide them with a personal buying experience. Everyone is instantly interested if they are shown what they like. Using latest analytics tools you can track your customer’s preferences and when they will visit again it will help you to offer those options which they desire. This makes their process of buying easier and time-saving.

Integration of artificial intelligence through Chatbots

Chatbots are now a very common integration in our lives. They offer their assistance especially in the tasks like reservations, getting relevant information, ordering food etc. These Chatbots are of various levels according to the artificial intelligence. They assist the companies to acquire knowledge regarding their customer’s preference hence allowing them to offer the clients the products or services according to their choice. The simple and to the point conversations with the Chatbots are immensely convenient.

Efficient delivery process

At the end of the day, the E-buying is about the clientand their ordered product on time and with complete trust and satisfaction. The essence of e-buying is that the customer gets its desired item staying within the comfort of home and the trend to follow is that the delivery should be not only on the given time frame but in the least time possible. Some E-commerce businesses are also offering only one-day delivery to their premium customers and on a specified amount. This trend is definitely going to grow and due to the rising competition, it will be adopted by various companies quite fast.

Use of videos and animations

This is a visual era. Along with the augmented reality, it is equally essential to provide video content either realistic or animated to your customers so that they have the complete information about the product they are about to order or are interested in. A well-made video will definitely allow the customer to gain the knowhow of the product hence increasing the customer base.


Online shopping is getting all the glitz and glamour with every passing day. Many new trends were introduced during the last year and a lot of new trends are being introduced. While getting your app developed or getting it revamped it is extremely important to keep these trends in mind so that your business gets all the possible benefits out of it. Online buying is popular no doubt about it but it still has its limitations. Inculcating technologies like augmented reality and artificial intelligence are definitely going to decrease the ratio of the reservations and will assist the buyers with the complete user experience.

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