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There are so many things we thought we couldn’t live without yet this is us, having so many new ones some will rather die than part with.

TVs, CDs, Telephones, Walkman, Stereos etc. Like memories they have faded.

You might wonder, what else will be replaced tomorrow? Better to start with what is being replaced now and how long it is likely to stay.

It is the digital evolution in roughly everything we use everyday. From shopping online, endorsing a product after impressions from their commercials on tv, booking for services online against the conventional going directly to the service providers office, relaying messages across through sms portal, radios or tvs as opposed to letters and personal messaging. Digital reawakening sensation happening to everything we know and what makes it merrier is that the process is gradual and allows room for catching up, people that didn’t match with the speed can still observe the influence and join the wagon.

Against the outdated billboard adverts and cold-calling, digital marketing have picked reputation and appreciation over the years and though it can be traced to  Guglielmo Marcroni in 1896 when he invented the radio, did the first live broadcast in history on an opera performance which incredibly increased the number of tickets, it did not gain the credence and appreciation it has now. Marketing has evolved over the years and more digital resources has being added to the business aid and whatever changes we may record in the future, we cant go back to crude, it is certain to be more online awareness and digital and that is why the platform can only upgrade and not go backwards, that is why your business needs it.


Albeit wide definitions of digital marketing as the process of marketing products through the use of blogs, social media, Google and everything with internet orientation, Digital marketing is the general use of electronic devices such as Tvs, radios and yes smartphones and blogs to market products and it has being around for as long as the invention of commercials on radio and tvs but the presence of social networks and internet mediums only made it even better.

With average urban people spending 5 to 10 hours a day on electronic devices, we have very little time till we are completely submerged in the digital coup.

While online marketing is the reason Satoshi Nakamoto, the faceless founder of bitcoin was rated at 19.4 Billion USD in December when the cryto coin rose in value and is expected to be the first trillionire in history if he ever surfaces as a single CEO and making lazy under 18s millionaires while they party everyday and get busy with nothing, offline marketing still have a very big and grand position in the digital marketing chain.


Online marketing which is the most perceived and popular form of digital marketing. This is the strict use of the internet to market products, services and the entire aids to all business with internet awareness and there are 7 main forms of this marketing..

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Pay per click
  5. Email marketing
  6. Search engine marketing
  7. Search engine optimization.

Offline marketing….. Most people don’t consider these as part of the digital marketing tools that has rocked the business arena. It is actually the oldest form of digital marketing and have being in use for decades. Here are the 3 main forms….

  1. Television marketing
  1. Radio marketing
  2. Phone marketing(Text and calls)

While there is no argument on the knowledge that the internet has made incredible success in business today, history will have to be tampered in order to successfully leave the basic foundations of digital marketing behind, the offline marketing.

Think offline marketing is old school? Think Heineken, coca cola, Adidas and more are old school also because while they sponsor English premier and champion leagues, they enjoy exclusive in-between match commercials.

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