Impact Of Product Videos On eCommerce Market

Impact Of Product Videos On eCommerce Market
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A picture can paint thousands of words, But a video can show thousands of pictures in it. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, it means 1 picture = 1,000 words, Right? But did you know the frequency of video? No..!

Anyway, let me tell you, video shoots at a frequency of 30 frames/second. So accordingly in a minute, it covers almost 1.8 million words.

So did you mean, A video is worth a million words? Nope! A video could very well be worth a thousands of sales if you look from the store owners’ perspective.

Undoubtedly, video marketing is providing a good ROI and conversion rates than ever before. And it will sooner reach to the new heights, not because today everyone is using product videos on their sites. But because the video is one of the most user-engaging and conversing tools in digital marketing out there.

So let’s move further on how product video can improve your conversion rate.

  1. Engages Even The Laziest Visitor

What if the visitors get engaged to your site without reading the content. Wouldn’t it be great? Of course, it is!

The product video is one of the great tools you can use to engage your customers. Video can capture the attention of even the laziest ones. It is considered as the most important in driving traffic and converting your visitors to the customers.

  1. Video Can Explain Everything

Have you ever tried to cook new recipes? It wouldn’t be easy for you just by reading it from any articles. But it’s quite easy if you watch someone making it once, Right? Obviously. You don’t need to wonder about its effectiveness. After all, vision is the most dominant sense of human. Most of the things your brain remember has been transmitted visually. So imagine if a picture can enhance engagement, what moving pictures can do to your business.

  1. Less Time, More Audience

A video of fewer than 5 minutes, can grab more audience to your website, than what your content even can’t do in a month. Yes, product videos let you take your site to the next level of traffic. Rather than spending hours and hours in writing content explaining your products, product videos provide you with the excellent approach that describes your product in a slot of some minutes.

  1. Boost Sales And Conversion Rate

You might have your doubts. Is it worth to consider using videos for promoting your business? The answer is simple: Yes, it’s worth it. Video of any product can directly lead to sales. It has observed that the customers who watch the video of a product are more likely to buy products rather than those who read the description of it. Even product page including video has seen to be 37% more checkout conversion than the pages without it.

  1. Enhance Social Sharing

It is a fact that social shares can bring most of the traffic to your website. Research shows that people are more likely to open visual element rather than something with text content. Today social media has enhanced the usage of video sharing to their user rather than text or image. Even they have provided many ways to share their live stories, 60 seconds of video on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

  1. Length And Quality Of Video

“Video is like Pizza – When It is bad, it’s still good.” The best thing about the video is that it doesn’t need to be perfect. You need to capture the information which user requires. Even an average-quality video can deliver the best message. It’s just the way you offer and the value of the content that matters!

Remember! Your video should be short and straightforward. The length of product video never exceeds more than 2-3 minutes. Try not to display the whole functionality in it. Only highlight fewer which can raise customers interest to explore your product.

  1. Beneficial For SEO

You know one fact, “Google love videos.” If you have a video on your product page, it is 53 times more likely that your site comes up on Google’s first page. Video can increase the user engagement on your site which is one of the high ranking factors on Google. Hence, building trust on search engines that your site contains relevant content.


Instead of rubbing your fingers on the keyboards, cut the amount of time and make a compelling product video so you can only deal with what matters… Getting your message out to the marketplace!

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