7 Benefits Businesses Will Reap Embracing Angular.JS for Web Development

7 Benefits Businesses Will Reap Embracing Angular.JS for Web Development
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This is the era of ecommerce and internet and more and more companies are understanding the need to go online for furthering their business. As per a recent survey, there are almost 876 million websites all over the globe. However, there are a plethora of web development frameworks available. So, the web developers will have to choose the right framework for development of the websites.

Because of the above reasons, more and more businesses are building mobile responsive websites. And responsive website building is not at all a rocket science. However, the developers must have the knowledge on some of the key points, while mastering a framework like AngularJS.

As the developers want to craft the best-in-class websites, with the help of frameworks, programming languages, APIs and are keen to identify the right fit among a  list of frameworks available, AngularJS has become one of the popular buzzwords and due to this AngularJS Application Development Company are in demand now.

The most obvious question for you to ask here is “What is AngularJS?” and “What makes it so popular?”.

What is AngularJS?

 AngularJS is a web application framework that had its origin with Google and is open-source in nature. It was started in 2009 and created waves in the web development landscape. It is a framework that includes HTML, JavaScript and CSS (Cascading Style Sheet).

Moreover, AngularJS was developed by the dedicated team of developers who wanted to serve the purpose of simplification of the front-end development. One of the main reasons for which the developers adopt AngularJS as a development framework, is to build single page applications – robust and scalable at the same time. In fact, it is impossible to build any modern Single Page Application without AngularJS.

Furthermore, AngularJS is based on Model View Controller (MVC) architecture, that was used originally for planning rich web applications. Despite the fact, that AngularJS 1.4 was stable and efficient, AngularJS 2.0 has provided the developers with lots of advantages.

Finally, it is quite simple to develop AngularJS framework, as it has the ability to synchronize with views and models.

The popularity of AngularJS is definitely due to the benefits reaped. In this post, you will gather useful insights on “What are the benefits reaped by businesses, while embracing AngularJS?”.

Benefits Reaped by Businesses, while embracing AngularJS

Some of the benefits of AngularJS that makes it the preferred framework for mobile and web application development are:

Ease of Use

AngularJS makes it easy to write code and enables the developer to write lesser code as it comes with a rich set of features. Moreover, the directives are not part of the app code – easily managed by people working in parallel team. This actually means no need to write codes.

Improved Architecture

 The architecture that AngularJS uses for web development is the (Model-view-Controller) MVC architecture. All that is needed is to split the app that you develop – for the implementation of MVC.

The components in AngularJS are easy to manage. The architecture is such that it becomes easier for the developer to locate and develop the code, even when the developer joins at an intermediate stage of the project.

 Dependency Injection

The most critical feature of AngularJS development is that of dependency injection. AngularJS has a supreme dependency injection mechanism. It works will Single Page Application design as well as testing.

Two-way Data Binding

If there are any changes in the user interface that has an immediate influence on application objects, then that is termed as two-way data binding in AngularJS. There is no need to store links to DOM elements for a direct manipulation. The patterns are immediately updated, as soon as the framework faces the module changes, user actions and browser events.

Plain Old Javascript Object (POJO) Data Models

 Each object in AngularJS is POJO. This means in other words that you do not need extra getter and setter functions. Standard Javascript functionalities required for object manipulation are provided by POJO. This not only helps to remove and add properties from the objects but also enables to loop over objects.

Convenient Testing

 If parts of applications are put inside AngularJS modules, thenit becomes easy to manipulate. The advantage of the modules lies in the fact that only the necessary services can be loaded and automatic testing can be performed. The tester must adhere to one file- one module principle so that there is no need to remember module loading order.

Larger Community

AngularJS developers comprise of a huge community of people. It includes Google as well as Reddit. The people are either developers actively involved or those who just want to suggest something or makes some fixes. In the present time, many hackathons are hosted for the IT communities based on AngularJS. Moreover, there are conferences held at various parts of the world.

We conclude to say, that Single Page Applications(SPAs) are rising in popularity because of its features such as simple navigation, presenting the information in a way that is easy-to-digest and improved user experience in the web. As stated earlier, AngularJS works goes extremely well with SPAs. Finally, as this framework was developed by Google, so it is known for its easy maintenance.

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