How to Get the Very Best From a Photo Booth?

How to Get the Very Best From a Photo Booth?
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Whenever you are to plan your dream wedding reception or a themed party, you may be interested in hiring a photo booth to capture your guests’ fun filled memories. In fact, when it comes to hiring a photobooth, you can choose from any three broad categories.

  • Open air style photobooth – They are perfect for party organizers who want to go beyond the barriers of traditional photobooth.
  • Classic photobooth – They combine the traditional look of the classic photo booth with a modern twist. These conventional sit-down enclosed booths have a roomy luxurious cushioned seat, thus offering fun and comfort together.
  • Mobile photobooth studio – Mobile photo booth studio is perfect for events organized in smaller venues.

And when it comes to striking the best poses in any of the above mentioned photobooths, you might want to consider the following suggestions. Here’s…

7 most creative ways to get the best from your photo booth!

#1.Green screen magic

Thanks to the magic of a green screen, your guests can find cool ways to pose. They might love to pose while “wearing” tuxedos or cocktail dress or simply prefer standing on a stage in-front of thousands of adoring fans. Your guests could also “travel” the world in one evening posing for photographs in front of the Eiffel Tower, a tropical beach and the Pyramids of Giza etc.

#2.Red carpet experience

If you want your guests feel like stars, consider setting up a photo booth inside the entrance to your event. This way each time a group walks through the doors, they’ll be able to strike a pose and pretend that they’re famous celebrities. If you hire a green screen photo booth make sure to use a red carpet background! Also consider providing your guests with glasses of champagne which can double as props.

#3.A modern take on guest books

If you’re willing to host a party and interested to hire a photo booth rental agency for a wedding ceremony or family gathering, even for a birthday party, then consider placing a whiteboard and colourful whiteboard markers next to the booth, so that your guests can take a photo of themselves with a personalized message or greeting. If your wedding or party has a vintage inspired theme, then simply provide a blackboard and a bucket of chalk instead. This will give a classy look.

#4. Instantly share your photographs with all your friends

Have you ever posed for photos which a friend took with their camera but never uploaded? Well, now you don’t need to worry about that! The latest social media photo booths allow your guests to edit and upload their favourite snaps straight to their social media accounts. So instead of waiting for your friends to get around to uploading photographs from their digital camera, after your party you’ll be able to go straight to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see everyone’s photographs!

#5. Dress up box

You’re  never  too old to play dress up! The beauty of a dress up box is that it can be as extravagant or simple as you’d like. As an example, if you’re hosting a wedding reception you could go rent a bunch of period costumes or keep things simple and provide feather boas and strands of pearls for your female guests and top hats and moustaches on wooden sticks for your male guests. Your guests are surely to love the idea of photo booth hire London.

#6. Fun filters and stickers

If you opt for a vintage inspired dress up box, your guests may want to experiment with a sepia or black and white filter to add a touch of realism to their photographs. Most photo booths offer a variety of filters which can be selected after a photo is taken. Some photo booths even allow users to choose from hundreds of different stickers which they can decorate their photos with.

#7. Souvenir or thank you gifts

If you plan on sending out thank you notes, choose a photograph of each guest or group and print it out to make a personalized thank you card. Alternatively, you could also order personalized mugs, magnets or stickers using your guest’s photographs.

There are endless ways to incorporate a photo booth in your wedding reception or party. You’re only limited by your imagination!

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