How to Choose the Right Microphone for Voice Recording?

How to Choose the Right Microphone for Voice Recording?
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The market is filled with amazing microphones for voice recording. Hence it becomes a tough job for the buyers to pick the right one. Just in case if you too one of those people who is facing difficulties to choose the best microphone. Then read on and we will be sharing our How to Choose the Right Microphone for Voice Recording guide.

As you already know that clear voice is the key to the great content. No matter if you are going to use a microphone for voice over or want to record a song. The microphone needs to be the key factor.

Without a clear sound quality, you will not be able to offer a great content. Anyway, let’s just talk about the things that you should consider while choosing the right microphone.

How to Choose the Right Microphone for Voice Recording?

Podcast and Voiceover:

Well, there is a different type of microphones used for different purposes. Like if you want to go for voice over then there is a different kind of mic. For YouTube, there is a YouTube microphone.

However, if your main purpose is to do a voiceover for youtube videos, or podcast then Studio mics will does the job.

Studio mics are kind of condenser type. Hence it offers sensitivity and helps you to produce crispy and accurate voice recording.

Also, the Condenser mics usually come with a better frequency response. Hence it is capable of natural sounding voices.

However, if you want to record voice from multiple persons at once. Then you would need to use a directional type. This will help you to cancel the background noise.

Also, no matter if you are recording a single person or multiple. So you better go for a pop filter it will help you to reduce the unwanted background noise.

Stage singing:

Apart from the podcast or voice over, if you want to go for stage singing. Then there is a different kind of microphone. For stage singing you would need a handled microphone or any dynamic mic would do the job.

Apart from a handled mic, you can also get a condenser microphone. As the condenser microphones are designed in a way to deliver crispiness. However, the only con about these type of mics is that they are quite costly.

You can also go and adopt a stationary mic. As the stationary mics also can be used for stage singing. Even these type of mics are quite inexpensive compared to the condenser microphone.

Also, there are quite a lot of artists go for a studio grade mics for stage singing. As it offers clearer voice, however, it is not a great option for a loudy crowd.

Apart from Studio grade mics, the cardioid mics also offer a smoother response. But just like the studio grade mic, it does not work that good in loudly environment.

But if you really want to use a microphone in a loud environments then the hypercardioid mic will work the best for you.

Also for stage performance, you better go for a mic which is wireless. As you will be moving around on the stage.

Vocal Recording and Instrument:

For vocal recording and instrument recording, studio microphones are a great option. However, while choosing a microphone you will need to make sure that you are picking up a microphone which comes with a great sound quality.

However, you may also need to get multiple microphones for different instruments. In addition to that, you have to choose the appropriate model.

However, all of the decent quality mics can do the job by delivering an excellent performance. But before picking up a microphone do look at the frequency pattern.

Also, you should keep in mind that, if you are going for a stage performance. Then studio mics would not be a good one. So make sure you are getting your self a specialized mic. Or you can use an in built microphone for a particular instrument.


If you are going to use a microphone for recording sound of drums. Then there is quite a lot of things that need to care about.

At first, let us mention that normal mics are not made for the drums as they need to handle high sound pressure. So you have to go for a microphone which is designed for high sound pressure, so when you place the mic right next to the drum. It can record the accurate sound.

However, for the drum sound, you can go for a dynamic either condenser type of microphone. Both of these mics are widely used. The same applies to different polar patterns.

Also, there are some microphones which use the proximity effects. Hence, as a result, those ones are capable of delivering a good bass.

Also if you are going to purchase a microphone for studio recording. Then try to use an individual mic for each drum or instrument. This will help you to get accurate sound for each and every instrument.

Final Words:

Those were some of the different types of microphones for different tasks. Hence, first of all, you have to figure out which type of microphone you would need.

Once you have the understanding, then you can visit the market or online store and get the best one for yourself.

However, as you are already aware of the fact, that you can find a microphone under every price segment. Hence it is advisable that before you start looking for a microphone you should fix the budget and then search for a microphone.

Just in case if you are looking for a youtube microphone, then let us mention that you would find such microphones under $50. Hence you do not need to pay much, also if you are just starting up the youtube game. Then this price range would be good enough for you.

But if you are looking for a microphone for voice recording, especially for music production. Then it is advisable to go for an expensive one.

Anyway if you have further questions then do not forget to comment below.

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