Whether you are a student, a working woman or an aged individual, fitness should be your priority at all times. Fitness is the key to a healthy and stress-free life and fortunately, more and more people are being aware of the importance of fitness. It is for this reason why you will see a large… (0 comment)

How many calories are burned in 20 minutes on a treadmill?
The treadmill is effective equipment for fitness workouts. In our busy lives, we find it difficult to go out walking or jogging. With a treadmill, you can set the speed of running or walking and can burn many calories within a short period. The speed of your treadmill and your weight can determine the calorie… (0 comment)

4 Adverse Effects of Sleep Deprivation
Sleep is one of the most fundamental and critical parts of self-care. As kids, we hated the thought of going to sleep and rebelled very much against. Now, as adults, we’re all desperate to have even just a few good hours of sleep. Sleep deprivation is such a common thing that we’d be surprised to… (0 comment)

Why people need a massive and serious surgery in the heart?
Cardiovascular surgery or cardiac surgery is one the best vessels surgery on the hearts which is performed by the experienced cardiac surgeons and makes the treatments of all complications like ischemic heart disease by the bypass grafting, make a correction on congenital heart disease and take care of valvular heart disease. This type of disease… (0 comment)

6 Shocking Facts about Hair Dye
In the endeavour to flaunt the perfect tresses of enigmatic colours, we take our pick with the different Hair Colour brands presenting the enchanting range of attractive shades. But do you ever wonder that these hair colours might be high on synthetic and chemical content that might lead to serious damage? Well, not always are… (0 comment)

9 Amazing Facts About Your Lungs
The human lungs are very amazing organs. They are found in the chest, in fact, the largest organ there. They are vital organs, and very necessary for life. Without them, a person won’t be able to survive at all, because they help our bodies take in oxygen from the air, and release carbon dioxide to… (0 comment)

Would you consider health tourism a wise choice?
Before you are considering of going under the knife the first thing that is going to strike you is the cost associated with travelling. For a lot of people seeking medical treatment on the foreign shores would seem to be a worthwhile option. This concept of travel goes by the name of medical tourism. The… (0 comment)

Hearing Test
Everything in writing begins with language, language begins with listening. It’s true but thinks about those people who can’t listen properly or deaf. So, here I will explain hearing loss and cure, therapy or treatment for hearing loss.  Know about hearing loss- So, hearing loss is when we can’t hear one ear as well as… (0 comment)