10 Easy ways to shed off those extra calories from the body

10 Easy ways to shed off those extra calories from the body
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Everyone wants to shed off those bulgy extra kilos from their body although it is a tough job to accomplish. The human body is very adaptive. Even if you have neglected it for years and years, allowing extra calories to fill up, getting back to shape won’t be a hustle if you got the willpower to lift extra kilos.

All these motivational words sound great but are forgotten after the very first session of the gym. Well, we surely understand such woes, and luckily we have solutions to tranquil the same.

Penned below are some easy ways you can consider to get your body summer ready. Following these simple tips will burn your fat quickly and will promote weight loss.

You don’t have to diet

Honestly dieting is just a way to torture your body and mind. Getting in shape is about eating healthy nutrient-rich food not starving you to death. Restricting food kills your body’s metabolism, and you feel dizzy and exhausted the whole day.

It does not end here. If you starve yourself, you will begin burning muscle tissues. Dieting will not lessen your worries, because your metabolism will slow further thus allowing fat to claim even more of your body’s territory.

Get a walk to work           

Getting a walk to work is a great adventure you can invest in. Walking a bit fast for 30 minutes will burn the same amount of calories as when running on a treadmill. If your workplace is nearby than give up on your car, and take a walk instead.

This will not only save some fuel for the future generation but will also keep you more active, energetic and organized throughout.

Find excuses to walk

This is a healthy excuse you can make. Ignore the lift and chose the stairs instead. Stop asking for a glass of water, go and get one for yourself. All you need to do is think baby steps.

Start your day early, stretch wherever you get space, squat whenever you get time and find excuses to walk around. You will feel more lively and full of zip.

Go shopping

Don’t rely on someone else to shop for you. You know what is best for your gut, thus push the shopping cart by yourself and stack only what makes you feel healthy.

Also, grocery shopping is a good exercise too. All through the way you push, you move, you lift all through the store which activates your shoulder movements.

Go Organic because you can   

Off course organic foods are expensive and not so easy to find, but having organic food is a great way to kick-start your day. Organic foods are often fresher as they do not contain preservatives and are also free from pesticides.

Generally, conventionally grown items you can peel like bananas and avocados are almost organic. But when you buy items like strawberries, apples, peaches, potatoes, etc make sure you chose organic as they tend to have the highest level of pesticides stacked.

Eat smaller meals throughout the day      

This point is something you must have heard quite often. Eating more meals throughout the day leads to greater and healthier intake of lower calorically dense food. This leads to a lower overall caloric intake.

This process increases your body’s resting metabolic rate thus will ensure that you supply your body with the nutrients necessary to build muscle and burn fat.

Get more sleep

A person who sleeps less is always under more stress and gives space to more visceral fat to brew up. Studies show that how sleeping less than 6-7 leads to alteration in hunger hormones, higher risk of obesity and increased appetite.

Getting adequate sleep is a very healthy part of your lifestyle. Getting proper sleep not only keeps you active but also contributes to a healthy heart, less stressed mind, shrinks fat producing bugs, strengthens the memory and so on.

Spend time together in bed

A good news for all the couples out there as now they have the perfect reason to come close. Having regular sex will help you keep levels of cortisol and the high-anxiety hormone, in check.

Indulging in some one-on-one pleasure before you say goodnight releases oxytocin, the cuddle hormone that helps regulate sleep too. After having a great time, you will crave for more sleep and more sleep equals the increased amount of fat you lose

Find time for sports

An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. No matter how occupied or busy you are with your personal and professional schedule, always try to invest some time in sports. Is it swimming? Just dive into the pool. Or football? Go have fun with your squad.

The best kind of exercise is the one you can enjoy, and sports are something you will stick to no matter what. Sports are proven to accelerate weight loss, and there is no rocket science formula needed to prove such.

Keep your body hydrated 

All the chemical reactions processing in your body including your metabolism depends on water. If your body is dehydrated, you will be burning up to 2 percent fewer calories. The less hydrated you are, the more likely you are to have a higher BMI.

Thus, to burn your body fat quickly drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water per day.

All these points mentioned above are simple hacks one can consider if they are looking for some easy ways to shed off some extra kilos from their body. Though the results are not so instant but you will surely enjoy the satisfaction of your body feeling a change.

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Kushagra Gupta is an editor at CDR engineers Australia rejected and also a journalism student who loves to pen down his thoughts on habits, personal development and anything pleasing to eyes.

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