Want To Step Up Your Different Types Of Weight Loss Diet? You Need To Read This First

Want To Step Up Your Different Types Of Weight Loss Diet? You Need To Read This First
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The research about this topic is endless, though the results may not be subsequent. It’s well-known fact that regular exercise, when combined with a planned diet, can transform your body so well.

Moreover, whenever you think of planning your meals there are these numerous names start to buzz in your mind. But with this, the questions generally warrants is which is the best diet to follow and why?

Down below we will be discussing all the diets with its view-counterview and its impact on your body.

In this article, I am going to discuss 7 major well-known diets of all times.

The Paleo Diet-

In this diet, we eat like our ancestors use to have! 😛 This diet does not include any agricultural outcome, as at that time there weren’t any produce!

It is said modern foods may be the reason behind all these new ages diseases.

It dwells on whole foods, fresh vegetables, lean protein, nuts, fruits, seeds. It does not involve any processed food, dairy, sugar and even grains.


It leads to significant weight loss, fewer carbs intake and has lower calories between 300-900.

It reduces the risk of heart diseases, cholesterol, blood sugar and many more.


It does not include legumes, whole grains and dairy. Therefore, it exempts many nutritious and healthy foods.

It works on taking the whole grains rather than dairy and grains, hence results in loss of weight.

You will find some interesting recipes here.


This diet is the advancement of the well-known Vegetarian diet. It does not include any animal-derived product like milk, butter or cream along with meats. It was adopted by a group of vegetarians to stop animal exploitation.

Not only meats, it also avoids dairy, eggs and all other animal-derived products. This is very rigorous regime to follow.


This diet is very effective at losing a good amount of weight as it is high in fibre and low in carbs which keeps you energised all day long. It reduces the risk of diabetes, heart diseases and cancer.


This diet eliminates animal meat and animal-derived products so they lack in many sorts of nutrients like vitamin D, Iodine, Calcium, zinc and omega-3 and some other important elements too.

This diet basically works on Lower Calorie Intake, Hence reducing the weight automatically.

You will find some interesting recipes here.


As the name suggests, it focuses on minimizing the carb intake to 15-120 grams of carbs per day. Are you shocked? Hell, Yes for me! I was damn shocked when I got to know this.  🙄

This diet focuses to reduce on carbs so that body tends to use its own fat. This will include a severe amount of protein and fat and thoroughly reducing the carb intake.

Due to low carb intake, the fatty acids start moving into the blood and supplied to the liver, few of them breaks into ketones.

So, when there is no or minimal carb intake in our body, it starts to use these fatty acids and ketones as the main energy source.

Interesting isn’t! Our body moulds its action as we feed it and the way we feed it. Your body has tremendous functionalities, God’s work is just flawless.


It reduces your appetite, you’ll feel less hungry this way. It is really so helpful in shredding that stubborn fat and especially that belly fat which tends to be like never ending issue. It reduces blood sugar levels, insulin and blood cholesterol too. It is so good and one of the best.


It does not suit everyone, basically, everybody responds differently to different diets. It may lead to the generation of bad cholesterol. This itself is a disease and its a serious condition named as ketoacidosis. This condition is rare and may happen with lactating women and can be fatal not treated on time.

It is very good for weight-loss actually one of the best as it uses body fat and reduces the carbs level to extreme low.

You will find some interesting recipes here.


This diet is very high in protein- and very low in carbs.


The diet works on low-calorie and can be divided into four major sections. The time you spend in every phase depends on how much would you like to lose. It is based on eating unlimited high-protein food primarily but the other phases involve reductions in non-starchy vegetables.


Very little research has been done on this particular diet. It limits the fat and carbs a lot. On that matter, it increases metabolism because of the high level of protein.

You will find some interesting recipes here.

I hope you find the article informative enough to choose what suits you best, are you ready?

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