8 Reasons why mobile apps are a must for SMEs

8 Reasons why mobile apps are a must for SMEs
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Small and Medium enterprises collectively form a major chunk of economy and employment scenario. With a relatively smaller team and limited resources, these companies form the backbone of any economy, especially in developing regions like Africa, China, and India etc. In the past few years, we have seen a rise in the number of SME businesses using digital platforms and solutions like mobile applications, digital media, social media etc., to leverage digital revolution across the world.Mobile apps are one of the driving factors in gaining more sales than ever for these small businesses, as the major challenge for this obscure sector is reach and exposure. With the inception of app development, some of the trending issues in SMEs have been fixed and more. In this article, we will take a look at what mobile apps can do for your small business:

Revive your Business

The best thing about mobile apps is that they are not native to a niche and can be created and integrated with any existing, past established or upcoming business. Other than new businesses adopting mobile apps, many businesses that are not successful in the first shot, route for mobile apps to see remarkable success. Not only have these businesses seen a boost in sales, mobile apps have provided these businesses with sustainable structures that last.

User Experience

User experience is like the first step in leaving a good impression. Needless to say, it is one of the decisive factors in whether a customer would opt to use a business’ services or not. SMEs have greatly benefited from mobile apps, especially in this case as due to limited resources, they can majorly focus on manufacturing or service delivery. Mobile app development provided SMEs with a presentable front, which could help them compete in the market.

Customer Loyalty

Although high website traffic is a desirable, it is customer retention rate that matters more. In a more direct sense, loyal customers are the ones that create value for an organization. Most of the times, more than 50% of the visitors are plain visitors and are not converted into customers. So, to make sure loyal customers stay loyal, SMEs needed something to keep loyal customers engaged with their products, and they did it with mobile apps through exclusive deals, discounts, sales, offers, combos and much more.

Enhanced Communication

To improve their conversion rate, SMEs leveraged mobile apps to communicate directly with their prospective customers. By instilling their app with query, feedback, service helpline and other direct modes of communication, small businesses could drive more sales with direct communication.

Easier Purchase

Despite having a rich lines of products and services, most of the businesses from SME sector have been lacking exposure, and consequently, demand, due to which they haven’t been doing business at par with their potential. With mobile apps, as opposed to their obscurity, small business and even self-help groups are now ubiquitous and have tremendous demands. As a result, commodity sales in SME have seen a steep rise in recent times.


From a technical point of view, analysing your sales metrics is as important as increasing your sales in order to plug the efficiency leaks in their existing methods. At present, there are numerous app analytics platforms and websites, where SMEs go and track their sales, marketing, and supply and demand dynamics to constantly improve their existing operations.

Brand Building and Recognition

There is rarely a big enterprise that doesn’t have an app, and isn’t effectively using it to maintain their corporate projection in the market as well as among their competitors.While the industry giants are using mobile apps to maintain their image across the market, small businesses have learnt effective use of mobile apps in gaining the initial recognition and brand value.

Social Integration

Most of the consumers today, use social media, which makes it a great way to sell products for small businesses. Only if there was a way for small businesses could use the traffic of social media and gain some valuable leads. Well, the sector found a way of doing that through social media, with social login feature to derive valuable leads, and thus, achieve better conversion rates.

Mobile apps companies have become a necessity for SME sector to drive more sales than ever and compete with bigger enterprises. Although beating the leading organizations in terms of sales would be a little too farfetched for small businesses to aim for, converting even a few customers in this immovable market is a challenge SMEs have overcome with mobile apps

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