Amazing Cleaning Tasks that will make you clean more often

Amazing Cleaning Tasks that will make you clean more often
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Whether you have a trustworthy cleaning routine that keeps your home in excellent condition or not, there are 5 things you should never leave un-cleaned (except on vacation and when you’re sick, of course). Every day, take a few minutes to do these cleaning tasks and you will live in a much cleaner home.

Cleaning tasks that you cannot ignore

Make an incursion into the pantry

If you really want to clean and organize your pantry, it is best to start naked. We do not mean you but your pantry. Clean all shelves, drawers and hooks, using a damp microfiber cloth. As you return the items to the shelves, make an inventory of your things and what you constantly use. Sort the cans by type (vegetables, soups, etc.) and place everything you have not used in the last three months in a box to donate to charity. Pay special attention to oils and spices; Both can become rancid quickly even when stored properly, especially if your pantry is near the oven. This cleaning task is quite simple and you can do it very often, since it will not take much time.

Clean the refrigerator

Even the tastiest relationships become obsolete after a while, particularly between your refrigeratorand freezer. Keep things fresh and current by cleaning one shelf and one drawer at a time from your refrigerator, and then repeat the process in the freezer. In general, most foods can be stored after their expiration date; the best indicator is the smell, texture and taste. Make sure you carry out this cleaning task regularly, it is very important to know if the food you are keeping is in good condition and this is an easy way to know and at the same time organize your fridge.

Use drawers

The drawers (of all kinds) are pieces that will facilitate your cleaning tasks, and when they are as functional as they are beautiful, everyone (but above all you) win. For kitchen drawers and cabinets, your first goal should be accessibility and storage. Take them one at a time; it vacuums, reorganizes, removes dirt and debris and repeats the process. Groups utensils and other elements by their function and proximity. After all, when it comes to kitchen cabinets and drawers, and many other things, it is best that they be beautiful and functional.

Choose something more comfortable

When the seasons change, your closets and dressing rooms should also. Use this time to remove items that have been in constant use and make the necessary repairs to the buttons and hems. Clothing not appropriate for the current season should be stored or donated. Give your room to breathe; this cleaning task helps you keep your clothes fresh and wrinkle free.

Change the bed of place

Do a six-month cleaning task by turning the mattress over both the head and the side. While you remove the mattress, take this opportunity to vacuum every nook and cranny. And here’s where the magic is: turning and vacuuming the mattressregularly, you can extend the life of your mattress for several years, saving you money.

Follow these useful tips that will help you to have your home in a better state, but if you want to leave this task in the hands of Housekeeping professionals you can count on the services of true cleaning experts. We will take care of the cleaning of your house. In just one day we will clean all those hard-to-reach corners in your home. Request a cleanup budget without commitment and enjoy your free time without worries.

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