Swimming Pool at Your Backyard – Safety and Health Benefits

Swimming Pool at Your Backyard – Safety and Health Benefits
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For most, owning a backyard pool is more of a thing of luxury and prestige than safety or health benefits. However, in a world where more and more people are earning enough to construct a pool of their own, health might prove to be the new keyword. There are numerous other advantages to owning a backyard swimming pool as we list only the topmost.

Swimming practice

Anyone who is passionate about swimming knows how intricate and expensive it is to use a public pool: the admission fee, unsanitary conditions, and other visitors who are there to have a good splash rather than to swim. These are all reasons why you should have your own pool to swim in. Only then will peace be guaranteed and you can complete a full workout without having to worry that you’ll hit somebody while swimming.

Needles to say, swimming is an excellent cardio exercises that engages almost all the muscles in our body. You will increase your stamina, enhance the overall endurance level, and burn calories more efficiently. Basically, whichever health issue you have, swimming can help alleviate it. For instance, if you have a body weight problem, then swimmingly for just half an hour a day can do wonders for your appearance.

A social hot-spot

Apart from physical health, swimming can impact mental health as well. Just standing or sitting in water can reduce stress levels significantly. Furthermore, having a pool can also help your people skills, as a body of water tends to “attract” people to your backyard. Yes, the mornings are there for solo swimming sessions but in the evening you might want to throw a poolside party with barbecue. This will attract your neighbors and friends, as well as an odd stranger, curious about the new addition to your garden. The swimming pool, if large enough, can serve as an auxiliary family summer resort of sorts. Your friends could come there to spend the summer if they lack the funds to visit the seaside that year. Just don’t charge them admission!

Safety first

Owning a pool might be nice and all but in order to reap the full health benefits, the pool area has to be safe. There are numerous ways to achieve this but in general, you have to make sure that the pool is clean before everything else. Most injuries results from dirty floor tiles that send people flying into the air, causing fractures. That is why cleaning the immediate area around the pool is essential.

Another neat protective measure is glass pool fencing.  Many companies offer frameless glass pool fencing made out of glass that is quite appealing to the eye. Not only does good glass pool fencing, alongside the metallic balustrades, improves pool safety but it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the backyard. Adding a pool with such fencing can significantly increase the value of your real estate and what better way to improve your mental health than some extra cash.

More time outside

Homeowners who have turned their backyards into outdoor sheds have little or no need to go outside. They avoid the backside of their house and stay indoors most of the time. A spruced up backyard coupled with a swimming pool is reason enough to stay outside for most of the day. Other than being more physically active, as we have stated earlier, you will benefit from spending more time out in the fresh air. Your skin will absorb more Vitamin D from the sun and your overall health will definitely improve since humans are beings designed for activity, not lying down on a sofa in a stuffy room. Be sure to apply sunscreen lotion if you are planning on spending a couple of hours in the sun, as its rays can be detrimental in some places around the globe.

No electronic devices beyond this point

Water and electricity don’t go well together. If you disregard this fact, you might bring your smartphone to the swimming pool but the first time it malfunctions once it comes into contact with water will make you change your mind. The pool area should really be an electronics-free zone where less high-tech, offline fun is meant to take place. This is especially important for children which are growing up as if they were glued to their tablets. An hour or two by the pool will serves as an excellent lesson for them that life without such gadgets is just as fun.

These are only some of the health benefits that you and your family members will gain from building a swimming pool in your backyard. The pool is bound to become an integral part of your home where you can have a lot of (safe) fun.

Sarah Jessica Smith is a young blogger from Sydney. She is in love with life and all the things that can make her daily routine easier. She loves to write about home improvement, lifestyle, and all the small things that make life such a great adventure.


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