What Is The Definition Of Sallow Skin?

What Is The Definition Of Sallow Skin?
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You dress up in a wine red suit, put on good classy makeup, nice prim shoes and deck up with proper accessories. Ready to go, right? No? Why? Still looking into the mirror? What’s wrong? Aha! Sallow skin! I look old! What can I do? But what caused this sallow skin? What is a sallow skin? Hold on. Phew! Let me answer one by one.

Your complexion is an answer to you internal as well as external health. Having a yellow skin is a direct indicator to sallow skin. However much you put makeup or how pricey your clothing is, you still look sick. Unfortunately, your age seems 20 years more than the actual. This will eventual reduce your confidence level. You tent to lose concentration in work.

What Causes Sallow Skin?

Nothing happens without any reason. There must be some reason for sallow skin as well. Once we point them out its easy to find a solution. Dealing with a sallow skin does not mean this will continue forever. First let us look into the definite causes of sallow skin.

  • Smoking cigarettes

Cigarette contains nicotine which when smoked in leaves the skin dry from within. It resists continuous blood flow near the tiny vessels of the skin. Naturally, the skin cannot extract right amount of nutrients and oxygen from the body. Therefore, your skin looks old and unnourished.

  • Anemia

Anemia is a condition caused due to lack of iron. Deficit in iron leads to lack of red blood cells. Anemic people’s first symptom is sallow skin. Sallow skin meaning underdeveloped skin, although is uncared most of the time, needs proper medication.

  • Vitamin deficiency

Lack of adequate vitamins and minerals reflects in the outward skin. Precisely, lack of vitamin C brings a yellowish glow in the skin. Lack of other vitamins that cause sallow skin are vitamin B, B1 and B2.

How To Obtain Beautiful Skin?

Who doesn’t aspire for a beautiful glowing skin! Here are the useful tips for a healthy skin:

  • Honey – It might be unknown to many but honey is a natural hydrating solution. It brings a natural shine to your skin. You can take honey by mixing half a jar of honey with lemon juice. Apply it before going to bed each night. To get best results, leave the mixture for 30 minutes and wash off.
  • Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant that takes proper care of skin and health. To remove sun tan caused by heat rays, apply any vitamin C serum. After the skin absorbs the serum a natural glow automatically emits out.
  • Be it winter or summer, a sunscreen is a must. This is a security guard to your skin. Different sunscreens have different SPF value. Make sure you use the correct numbered SPF. Choose your sunscreen as per your skin type.
  • It may sound funny but is a conventional and useful method for good skin. A milk pouch mask will exfoliate your skin and remove the dead cells automatically.
  • Finally, a proper balanced diet results in a happy skin.

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