5 Foods To Eat To Help Heal Dry Skin

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Winter, fall, spring and even summer! Your skin seems to be dry all season despite lotion applied on it often, you can even write your name on your arm because of how dry it is. Have you ever asked yourself if you’ve been eating healthy for you to also have healthy and radiant skin? If the answer is no, then better start a healthy living now and your body will surely show the results. A healthy and glowing skin don’t need to be expensive, you can have the healthy skin you’ve always wanted at home!

To help you with your dry skin, here are 5 foods you should eat to help heal your dry skin:

  • AVOCADO – Who doesn’t like avocados? They make a good avocado shake or even best eaten in slices. Avocados have healthy fats and oil that help moisture your dry skin. So add avocados to your diet to help heal your dry skin.

  • NUTS – Pistachio, cashews and almonds, these are some of the many nuts we love to eat when we’re bored or just feel like eating something chewy and crispy. If you’re a nut lover, then you’re in the right track to helping heal your dry skin. Nuts are rich in vitamin E which helps protect skin damage and barrier from the sun’s UV rays.

  • CUCUMBER – We commonly use cucumber to relieve puffiness on our eyes but cucumbers have vitamin C which not help restore inflamed skin but also nourishes, hydrates and makes the skin firm.

  • SWEET POTATO – Sweet potato fries are the bomb! They can be addicting and I don’t think anyone can ever have enough of it. Surprisingly, sweet potato also help you with your dry skin problem. This root crop have times 2 skin protecting nutrients, beta carotene which help enhance the skin’s protective barrier while acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin and vitamin A which helps in repair damaged skin.

  • WATER – The all time remedy to almost any illness and helps quench our thirst. Notice when you’re dehydrated you tend to feel the dryness on your hands, it’s a sign, of course, for you to drink more water. To help your skin rejuvenate and do their job of being a bacterial barrier and removing toxins from the skin, keep yourself hydrated by drinking water as much as you need.

We are in charge of our own body, whatever we do to it is our responsibility. Don’t ever wait for our body to tell you that you need to eat healthy for it to work well. What we eat or drink reflects our body, we know we are eating unhealthily when our body is not functioning as much as before, our body is paying the prices of our actions. Taking care of ourselves is what we should do, we only live once but it is enough if we live the right and healthy way. No regrets, just healthiness and happiness.

Author Bio:

Bea Hermosilla is currently a Content Writer in Sattaj Collections Store and Poet who compose poems from time to time.

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