What Do You Want to Know About Microwave Oven

What Do You Want to Know About Microwave Oven
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What is a Microwave Oven?

There are few appliances which have revolutionized the kitchens in the household. You can mention the exhaust fan, chimney (various types), but since half a century, it is the microwave oven. Even a novice can describe that microwave oven is an appliance that can cook food in the quickest time by means of electromagnetic radiation. Usually in urban cities such as Pune, where nuclear families are the order of the day, microwave oven is used to cook food in the fast way. Do you know, that when you switch on the electromagnetic oven, you use electromagnetic radiation? The device can be best used for melting butter and heat water. But there is a difference between traditional ovens and microwave ovens. The microwave cook food from the inside whereas the traditional ones rely on heat to the food on the exterior. In recent times, other than the home, it is also used on a large scale in the workplaces.

How does a microwave oven work?

The electromagnetic waves work to the frequency (2.24 gigahertz) as well as wavelength of 12.2 centimetres in the food. In case you have kept the food to boil, the water molecules start the vibration and in due course of time, the recipe will become warm. But, the food does not cook equally for frozen food as well dry rice. All foods, cold and frozen give the cold response to microwave oven radiation.

  1. History of Microwave Oven

In short, the oven was found by Dr Percy Le Baron Spencer, when he worked for the Raytheon Corporation. He was working on a project for magentron vacuum tubes and radar technology. He found that the candy bar in his pocket had melted. He soon found out the microwaves in the vacuum tubes can cook food. But when he used an egg, it exploded. With corn, it made popcorn. It was in 1947, the first microwave oven (Radar Range) was born and became popular. But the model was more used in commercial enterprises. It was in 1952, the oven first came to the consumer but its cost was $1000. But by 1976, as more companies joined the fray, the price dropped down and possessing a microwave oven was common in many American households.

  1. Microwave Parts/Accessories

Every microwave oven is built using basic parts. It also includes a fuse that is connected to the power cord. In case of short circuit or overheating, it can shut down the microwave oven. There is a high-voltage transformer which passes the electricity to the next device that is a magnetron. To cook the food, the transformers and the magnetron are the most required parts. The microwave radiation is created in the magnetron, and passes via a wave guide part right to the place where the food is kept. The waves then pass via a stirrer blade and makes the water molecules in the food to get hot. If you have had a look at the microwave oven, the inside walls are made of steel. The radiation gets reflected inside. To make the life of consumers easy, the safety switch is present in all microwave ovens. When you open the door, the radiations are stopped automatically. There also exists other features such as timers to stop the microwaves after certain period. They also have rotating turntables for turning the food during the cooking process. Now, smart ovens have also entered the market.

  1. Types

The counter-top type is the first type that came to the market. Then, other types made a entry such as the over-the-range (OTR) microwaves as well as cabinet mounted microwave ovens. The CTT types come as the most cheap and mobile. They make most of the counter space, and can be easily shifted from one place to another. But yes, the other types save the counter space, but they come across as expensive. You need the services of a professional to install the microwave ovens. Well, you can also have the convection type, where fans and heating elements cook the food via the external heat.

  1. Energy Efficiency

The energy used by these devices usually come between 750 to 1100 watts. If you compare it to other appliances, this is more than a refrigerator, but yes, it is less than a cloth iron device. Regarding heating of water, the energy used is more. But for heating the food, the cost comes to less than eighty percent.  So, if you want to save money, use the device for reheating the food.

  1. Benefits of Using a Microwave Oven

The one benefit which differentiates the microwave oven from the others is the fast time. And also, it retains vitamins in food because the time taken is less. And it uses electromagnetic radiation and not gas. Some microorganisms present in food, get destroyed easily.

  1. Safety Features

There are various regulations followed in different countries, but all have one factor in common. The safety of the consumer. In recent times, as mentioned before, the microwave oven gets turned off when you open the door. There are also microwave ovens, which have special sensors. When they detect steam or a high level of temperature, they switch off and give you an alert. In the US, as per the Federal standards, microwave ovens should not emit > 5 milliwatts of radiation within certain distances. All these factors prevent disastrous situations.

  1. Effects on Food and Nutrients

Yes, these factors even microwave oven manufacturing agree. The device can reduce vitamins B, C, B1 as well as E. It can also reduce the protein as well amino acid content and reduces the nutrition. But compared to the traditional heating method, the nutrients lost are low. The manufacturing companies caution against the use of the device for certain foods. Example, bottled breast milk – because it can reduce the nutritional value.

  1. Microwave Hazards

If you compare the number of kitchen accidents in the US, then microwave ovens also occupy a significant part. If you have boiled water in a smooth container, then it can erupt in a violent situation. You should also refrain from keeping metallic objects in the oven, as they can cause sparks. The electro magnetic radiation keeps bumping off metal surfaces. If your skin is directly exposed to microwave radiation, then it can lead to severe burns. The main reason, safety mechanisms are employed in every microwave oven. And the golden rule – never put food in plastic containers. Or else the plastic can leak into the food.

  1. So what are the safety tips?
  • Never operate the microwave oven, if the door is damaged. Or, if you find there are problems with closing the door.
  • Never place plastic or metal objects inside the ovens. Kindly check if they are designed for safety within the device.
  • If you have placed water in the microwave oven, ensure that you follow the instructions of the manufacturer.


Similar to all electronic appliances, the oven needs cleaning and maintenance regularly every fifteen days. Ensure that the nooks and corners also get cleaned properly.


So these are some of the details regarding microwave oven. Now let us imagine, you stay in Pune. And you have bought a microwave oven before five years. Now, it has got repaired. Now you need to get the best technician from the top microwave service center in Pune. But how you will do the same? There is an easy method. You do not have to depend on referrals or search on established websites. A new set of companies have come on the horizon and they provide doorstep repair services in Pune. You just have to download their app, and book the service from a top professional as per your convenience. The concerned pro will come and restore the service back to normal.

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