How to find Cheap Flights : Quick Tips and Tricks

How to find Cheap Flights : Quick Tips and Tricks
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Travel can be an expensive affair no matter where you are planning to head off either nationally or internationally. Flight tickets are those earthly yet unavoidable expenditure that can eat up a huge chunk of your entire travel budget. However it is the case only when you don’t know how to book cheap flights. So for the people who choose travel as their favorite pastime, this post is really helpful as it will list down some valuable tricks that cut down the flight costs and let them enjoy more. Let’s check them out:

Make a research first:

 One of the easiest way to find cheap flight deal is through search engines. They make a search for tickets across different airlines and offers you the best suggestion based on a price prediction. ClearTrip, is one of the widely used search engines for flight bookings in India. Also, you can set up a Google news alert for the new routes departing from your local airport. Airlines often provide promotional offers for the introductory routes, may be you can save big this way.

Subscribe popular airline’s newsletters:

You never get to know special offers, promotional codes, seasonal discounts until you don’t subscribe for popular airline’s newsletters. These newsletters are a good way to keep an eye on latest deals so that you can plan for your travel at lower prices than you expected.

Be flexible with date and time:

 Do you know Tuesdays are the best to fly? Why? Well, flight tickets on this day of the week are comparatively cheap. Saturday afternoons and evenings are also a good bet. Similarly flights at late night and during early mornings can also save you a lot of money. So be a little flexible with date and time.

Make a travel plan in off season:

 As a general rule of thumb- flight tickets are expensive during April- May (due to summer holidays) and during December-January (owing to winter breaks).  So if not urgent avoid booking flight tickets during these months. Book your flight tickets during July to September. If you are not planning to travel during the off season, at least you can book the tickets.

Browse in Incognito mode:

Search engines and flight booking sites store your previous search history so that they know what you are looking for. To get around this, search in incognito mode. This way they never know that you’ve been searching previously. You will also get the fresh prices which are not based on your previous searches. We know this can be crazy thinking they can do so but it happens.

Last but not the least, make social media your ultimate partner. Over the past few years, almost every airline has made it’s solid presence on social media and use this platform for all their major announcements and deals. So stay connected with their social media networks and stay updated with their seasonal offers. By following these ways you will surely get cheap flights and best airline deals.

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