Role of Bearing Manufacturer in The Maintenance of Our Vehicles

Role of Bearing Manufacturer in The Maintenance of Our Vehicles
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The bearing manufacturer are those who produce and supply a machine element called ‘bearing’ that enables rotational or linear movement and thereby cuts down the chances of friction between the parts of a car. The bearings are made using steel to resist heat. This element comes at a variety of prices but the cheaper ones may be of poor quality steel and thus the quality of the product might be compromised. Bearings can vary based on how and where it is expected to function.

Types of bearings used in cars

The mechanical bearings made by the bearing manufacturer, are used between two parts of a car so that it can help in the rotational or linear movement of the parts reducing fiction. The performance of the vehicle thus gets better. There are many kinds of bearings available in the market and here is a list of the best kind of bearings which are on high demand in the automotive industry.

  • Ball Bearings – These are the most popular and vastly used bearings of the automotive industry. These kind of rolling bearings allow a vehicle to change its speed easily by putting a support to the radial and axial loads. The ball bearings help in lessening the rate of rotating friction between two surfaces.
  • Plain Bearings – This is regular bearings and the oldest form of bearings created by the bearing manufacturer which is still widely in use. It looks plain and doesn’t contain any rolling element but its strength is the point that still makes it so desirable in the automotive industry till date. It has the capacity to carry heavy loads. The plain bearings come at a very pocket friendly price and compared to the other kind of bearings it gives a better and longer service.
  • Thrust Bearings – The thrust bearings help in the support of axial load allowing free rotation between two parts of a vehicle. It has mainly three parts. Based on the variation of those parts, there can be three types of thrust bearings – 1) Tapered roller thrust bearings, 2) Cylindrical bearings, 3) Spherical bearings which can be used both in the automotive as well as aerospace industry.
  • Specialised Bearings – As the name suggests, this kind of bearings are for specialised applications. Thus the bearing manufacturers come up with specially made Magnetic bearings or Giant roller bearings to serve the specific needs of individuals. To be specific, magnetic bearings are found in high speed vehicles and Giant roller bearings are used for carrying extremely heavy loads.

Benefits of using mechanical bearings for your vehicles

We have already mentioned in this article that the use of bearings in a vehicle helps in reducing friction. Apart from that, it also the serves the following purposes.

  • Power Saving – As the bearings help in reducing friction and thus it consumes less power when the engine is on run.
  • Lubrication and labour saving – Most of the bearings (other than plain bearings) doesn’t require frequent lubricating and thus the labour cost and the lubricant cost gets saved. So, we can say that the expense of maintenance is less.
  • Reduce fire hazards – The bearing manufacturers, make such bearings for the cars which eliminate the risk of fire outbreak by keeping the bearings cool and clean.
  • Cleanliness – Due to the use of grease instead of oil as lubricant in the car bearings, the leakage is barred. Thus, the cleanliness is maintained.
  • Reliability – Most of the bearings used in cars are highly reliable and they eliminate the frequent, expensive and time gulping replacements.
  • Longevity of other equipments of a car – The use of right kind of bearings in a car, prolongs its life.

Regardless of what kind of car you are using, the installation of bearings can help in maintaining safety of the riders as well as the smooth running of the car. Seek advice of the bearing manufacturers while selecting the right kind of bearings for your vehicle.

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