Know the Right Place to Install Wall Fans

Know the Right Place to Install Wall Fans
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Wall fans can be a total saviour if placed properly in a room. After coming home back in the summer days the first thing we need is a good circulation of air around a room where we can get away from the heat. The placing of appliances in a room is very important in order to decorate a room in the right manner. Wall fans can be of two types – static and rotatory. In order to get more coverage, the rotatory wall fan is better. The wall fan needs to placed in such a place that it covers at least half of the room and can rotate properly.

Look at the room: Before deciding the place to install the wall fan, take a look at your room. It should be the room where you and your other family members spend most of their time not a room where you go once in a week. To choose the best-suited area you need to know every corner. From there you can decide the most available space to place a wall fan.

Rotating Wall Fan: Wall fans can be static or rotatory. It is recommended that you keep a rotatory wall fan in order to cover half of the room. In case of the statue, the air will be passed only in one direction and that is not really comfortable. The small wall fan online shopping is a way to get a wide variety of them. The fan should be placed approximately 3 feet below the ceiling. If the ceiling is higher then the height may vary accordingly.

Middle Fan: Placing the fan in the middle of the room is a good idea as it can cover the highest possible area of the room. If you place the fan in the middle of the room then you can receive air by standing anywhere in the room.

Clear up the Obstacles: To get the full benefit of a wall fan there should not be any obstacles between it’s working area. If there is any furniture or any other obstacle then it can block the air and you won’t get the full amount of air from the fan. So remove any piece of the obstacle from the territory of the fan. To get the best effect after buying best wall fan online remove the obstacles from its path.

Opposite to Window: It is better to place the fan right opposite to the window. By doing this you are allowing the hot air to pass away through the window and letting the cool air enter the room. This can help to cool you down easily during hot summer days.

Install more than one: If your room is bigger than other rooms or if you notice that one wall fan is not enough to cover the whole area of the room, you can always place more than one wall fan in one room. But during placing more than one wall fan keep it in mind that it should cover the maximum area and place them opposite to each other.

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