Healing Crystals | Healing Stones & Their Healing Properties

Healing Crystals | Healing Stones & Their Healing Properties
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Since antiquity the stones that were known had certain energy were carried over at all times so that the person received the specific influence.

Crowns of precious stones were used by sovereigns of great empires to help govern their peoples with wisdom.

Lapis lazuli, carnelian and malachite were used as amulets by the ancient Egyptians, emeralds by the Incas, jade by the Chinese and turquoise by the American Indians.

Because of this, great powers are attributed to them, which we should not waste for our welfare.

Clear quartz crystals

Quartz is one of the most common minerals on Earth and has a varied number of specimens. They represent the sum total of human creation and its six phases symbolize the six chakras, ending in a crown that unites man with infinity. They are very useful when karmic knots are found that are impossible to dissolve.

Generator crystals

They are crystals in the process of evolution. When they are used, tuned and manipulated they become more clear and radiant. They can be used to pass energy from one chakra to another. Each crystal has its own personality, carrying its history and easily become allies.

Crystals with two terminations: when the six phases are joined from both sides, we find a special crystal for telepathy between two people or groups of them. First, they must agree on who will be the sender and who will be the receiver.

Rainbow crystals

The rainbow crystals are special for people who suffer from sadness or depression, placing the crystal on the heart.

Why Would You Use Rainbow Crystal?

Rainbow Crystal will prompt you that you should see the natural loveliness that surroundings you at every moment.

This crystal will also prompt you that when you tune in to nature, you also become calmer, more balanced, and more stable.

The whole thing will feel more rewarding and more determined!

Rainbow Crystal will encourage you to lighten up, because life is supposed to be fun.

Don’t take everything so seriously, even when things don’t turn out like you expect.

Projector crystals

They are used to send healing energy to other people. The photo is placed or, in the case of goals to achieve, a brief summary is written under the glass.


It is one of the best stones for meditation use and is here to teach a lesson in humility and wisdom. It is very useful for people afflicted by the loss of a loved one. Due to its reassuring effect, it is good for hypertensive conditions.


Surround people with a protective shield and help balance both the inside and the outside.


It manifests itself in four main colors: blue, violet, gold and white. It is especially good for people who work; it helps to relieve the mind of those whose work requires a lot of effort.


It has the healing power of improving sight. It also acts on the solar plexus and unblocks it from repressed feelings, which bring different diseases such as stomach ulcer and respiratory problems.

Odsidiana brown

It is one of the stones with greater wisdom; it is ruled by Planet Pluto. It symbolizes the dominion over the physical plane, and helps to connect with reality and to focus the energies and concentrate them.

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