Guide For Buying The Right Solar Products

Guide For Buying The Right Solar Products
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Solar products are very useful as they lessen electricity bills for any household. Despite a high initial expense, in the long run, they turn out to be a cost-saving option.By using a renewable source of energy i.e. solar energy; they conserve non-renewable/finite sources of energy for future generations. Solar products are also environmentally friendly as they pollute the environment to a far lesser extent.

As they run on electricity generated from the vast amount of sunlight available in India, many people can use them. The number of households using solar products can also be increased steadily and sustainably. For all these reasons, the number of solar installation companies, including solar installation companies in Gurgaon, has grown. But certain points need to be kept in mind while buying them. These are described in the paragraphs that follow.

(1) Basically, Three Different Types of Solar Powered Systems are Available for Households for their Solar Products 

(a) The Grid-tied System with Batteries, though expensive has certain advantages. It is a dependable power source due to the battery backup and grid connection. Additionally, it can be used during power outages or power shortages. 

(b) The Grid-tied System without Batteries is cheaper and also easier to install as it has fewer components. In addition, the grid connection acts as a backup in case the amount of solar power decreases and becomes insufficient.

(c) The Off-grid System, which is mostly installed in rural areas, is more expensive compared to the other two systems. However, it is possible to attain “energy independence” through such a system, which powers the whole house. As a result, households can remain unhampered by power outages or shortages. 

(2) Specific needs have to be Taken into Consideration  

This is essential as the needs of each individual or family can differ drastically. This determines the type of system you want to install and the solar products you require. Examples of solar products include solar-powered lights and fans, solar cookstoves and water heaters and solar mobile chargers. The area in which you live further determines your system and product requirements and the material of the solar panels. 

(3) Choosing the Correct Location and Solar Panel Material is Very Important 

Both the location and solar panel material ensure that you can utilize your solar products to the fullest extent. Accordingly, obstructions (example, trees) cannot be present between the solar panels and the open sky. An adequate amount of space is necessary for the installation of the system that powers your solar products.

Further, to make maximum use of the available sunlight, you need to choose the correct solar panel material.If sunlight is available practically throughout the year and is strong, then

monocrystalline is perfect.Otherwise, polycrystalline is the option, as it has the ability to absorb whatever sunlight might be available.

In addition, the mounting of the system is an important consideration, as it reduces the risk of spoilage. Consequently, roof/floor mounting is recommended for areas prone to storms and cyclones. But flush mounting is suggested as an option specifically for other ‘non-vulnerable’ areas.

(4) Your Budget along with Thorough Research is Crucial

The budget you finally decide upon has to take into consideration all necessary costs at all stages. It is important to invest in the best quality systems and products because they last longer and repair-maintenance-costs are lower. This ensures that your solar products work properly and to the optimal extent.But, it is essential to constantly remember, that despite a high initial expense, savings, in the long run, are significant.

In this regard, it is equally important to conduct a thorough research on the available sellers or companies. This includes knowing their background, reputation, completed projects and client reviews/feedback. Each of their quotes, which should include a detailed breakup of all necessary expenses, has to be compared. The final decision has to be based on all your requirements including budget.

(5) Other Important Factors that must be taken into Consideration

This includes checking the warranty and ensuring that it is from a reputable company. Additionally, certifications are crucial as they demonstrate that the product has been tested. They further explain what tests have been conducted and whether Government-prescribed rebates are applied. Finally, the solar inverter is an essential component as it converts DC/Direct Current into AC/Alternating Current. This is important as a lot of solar products do run on AC/Alternating Current.

In addition to the above points, it is important to remember that Government-prescribed financial incentives are available. But, as these differ from one solar product to another and details change with time, checking current updates is necessary. After this, you can decide which of the solar installation companies in Gurgoan or in any other place is suitable.You can also finalize the right company selling good quality solar products.Thus, a combination all these requirements ensure that you are able to buy the most beneficial solar products.

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