Best Wedding Cake Flavours to Try

Best Wedding Cake Flavours to Try
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Planning a wedding is the most tedious thing. From venue selection, theme planning to guest listing, the list is almost endless. Among everything, a wedding cake is the part that holds much of the attention by the guests. And frankly speaking, who doesn’t love the chance to sample all of those delicious confections all in the disguise of planning a perfect wedding? There is no doubt that the cakes are tasty but there are thousands of flavors, and you can’t try all of them. Gurgaon online florist gives you an overview of wedding cake flavours to help you determine which ones would be the best for your wedding.

Well, naturally the best flavour for your wedding cake is the one that is your favourite. But at the same time, it is advised to keep in mind the theme of the wedding and then select a flavour that compliments it. One of the most traditional flavours is the classic white buttercream cake, and if you are a fan of traditional wedding elements like roses, lace and pearl earrings, this would be the ideal cake for your reception. But you can always add a dash of surprise even to the classics, like adding a layer of jam or cream to your white cake.


 Chocolate is another crowd favourite when it comes to wedding cakes. If you ask the groom, rich dark chocolate is definitely amongst the top choices, and many brides like it as well. It can be a perfect choice for a fall or winter wedding cake. During the summer an all chocolate confection can prove to be a bit heavy; but if that is your flavour of choice, use lighter white frosting to tone down the richness of the chocolate a bit.

Fruit punch:

Fruit flavours are a lighter choice for the summer and can prove to be refreshing for warm weather receptions. Or choose a tropical flair with a coconut frosting over key lime, shaved coconut looks excellent as the central cake decoration. Just by adding a line of small seashells around the base of every tier for a marvellous tropical wedding cake.

A rich spicy flavor:

During the colder months, a rich spice cake can be just the thing that you want. This type of cake tastes terrific with just a simple white frosting or even with rich cream frosting. If you prefer to make the cake, even more, richer, then go for a rum-soaked rich fruitcake. Covered in white royal icing, it is quite popular as a traditional English ending to a reception. Marzipan fruits make for the perfect decoration on the outsides of the cake. This cake is the most fitting option for a formal wedding.

Red Velvet:

Red velvet is a cake that is quickly gaining popularity amongst both brides and grooms all around the world. Especially a favorite of the southern brides, as a nod to their roots, but it is loved by couples nationwide for the signature red hue. It has a soft and moist flavour with a bit of cocoa, and it is an excellent choice for any time of the year. In the spring and summer, choose a white buttercream frosting (the red makes for a great surprise when the cake is sliced into), or you can even go for a rich chocolate frosting in the fall to enhance the cocoa in the cake.

The best part about choosing a wedding cake is that in the end, there are no real wrong answers. When it comes to cakes, everyone loves them, and they will always be appreciated. But choosing the right cake that complements your decorations can double the impact of the decorations and make the wedding a memorable one. If you know someone who is getting married soon, you can also send them a delicious cake to show your appreciation. Send a cake to their doorsteps with cake delivery in Chennai.

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