Ayurvedic Remedies For Typhoid Treatment At Home

Ayurvedic Remedies For Typhoid Treatment At Home
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Hello everyone. You must have heard about the Typhoid fever but do you know about it. Today we will tell you what is typhoid fever treatment home remedies. Typhoid fever is basically a bacterial infection caused by a Bacteria known as Salmonella typhi. Typhoid fever is also known as enteric fever.

In the initial days of this infection, it can simply be treated with the help of a few antibiotics. But in case its impact over the body increases, typhoid can become very fatal. Typhoid is an infectious disease. the usual onset of this disease is 6 to 30 days after exposure. Being a very common disease in India and also over the world you must know some basic things about this disease.

So today we are going to tell you what are the causes of this Typhoid fever, symptoms of typhoid fever and also few very effective home remedies to treat this fatal disease in the initial stage at home, lets read about typhoid home remedies for the ayurvedic treatment.

We discovered this remedies from a Hindi content of Indian ayurvedic home remedies blog Typhoid ka ilaj and the about precaution typhoid ke lakshan.

Typhoid Treatment At Home

Symptoms Of Typhoid Fever

Rise in the body temperature
Bloody nose or epistaxis
Decrease in the number of WBC
Often too tired to get up
Rose spots on the lower chest
Rose spots on the abdominal part
Rhonchi heard in the lung bases
Painful condition of abdomen
Occurrence of diarrhea
Situation of constipation
Enlargement of spleen and liver
Intestinal hemorrhage
Intestinal perforation
Occurrence of respiratory diseases
Decrease in the platelet count
Increase in the risk of bleeding

Causes Of Typhoid Fever

poor hygiene habits
poor sanitation facilities
flying insects feeding on feces
working with infected people
unbalanced diet
contaminated water

Ayurvedic Remedies For Typhoid Treatment 

Take 1/2 teaspoon salt and mix it in a glass of water. Add 2 teaspoon sugar to it. Consume this solution. You can also use Oral Dehydration Salts as an alternative to this solution.

Take half teaspoon of vinegar and mix it in a glass of water. Add some honey to the solution and consume this before your meals a day for a week.

You can use vinegar in another way as well. Take a portion of vinegar in two portions of cool water. Soak a cloth in it and apply it on your abdomen and forehead.

Take half teaspoon of crushed garlic and mix it in a cup of milk and a glass of water. Heat this mixture and boil it until the solution remains one fourth. You have to consume this solution three times a day.

Consume at least 3 cloves of garlic everyday when you are empty stomach. You have to do this for several weeks in a row.

Ensure the intake of more and more fluid in your body. This is because the Typhoid fever and diarrhea makes you dehydrated and the water level of your body goes down. This is the reason you need to drink more and more water to prevent your body from dehydration.

Take a few pieces of cloves and put it in water. Boil this water until the water remains half. Strain the solution with the cotton cloth and then consume it twice daily. Cloves have antibacterial property. They reduce the effect of diarrhoea and also stops the vomiting caused due to typhoid.

Take two bananas and mash them. mix one teaspoon of honey to it and half cup yogurt. Consume this mixture 3 times daily for 15 days. You can also consume 2-3 ripe bananas daily.

Take water in a utensil and add a teaspoon of crushed Ginger to it. Add 30 basil leaves in the water and boil it till the mixture remains half. Add some honey to mixture and consume this 3 times a day.

Extract juice of 10 basil leaves and add crushed black pepper in it. Have it 3 times a day for 3 days.

Extract the pulp of banana. add it to a glass of buttermilk and consume twice daily.

Extract juice from coriander leaves. the quantity of juice should be around 2 teaspoon. Mix it in a glass of buttermilk and consume it twice daily for a couple of weeks.

You can also choose to consume buttermilk daily until you are fully recovered from the effect of typhoid.

Consume highly nutritious food and ensure availability of high protein content in your daily diet.

Extract the use of one lemon and pour it in a glass of water. Add some honey to it and consume it twice daily.

Dip the raisins in cold water and leave it overnight. Drink this water next morning.

Try to consume more and more coconut water daily. It helps to reduce the effect of typhoid on your body.

Fruits like pomegranate , oranges and carrot are very rich in the nutrients required to counter the typhoid disease. You must consume these fruits in your daily diet as much as possible.

You can also consume guava leaves to reduce the impact of typhoid fever.

Prevention For Typhoid Fever

Make sure the availability of clean drinking water
Proper sanitation facilities
Hygienic surroundings
Clean environment
Avoid contact with infected peoples
Preferably drink carbonated water
Consume untouched water and food
Avoid ice in drinks
Avoid eating the peel of fruits and vegetables.

So these are some methods using which we can prevent ourselves from the infection of typhoid and the impact of Salmonella typhi.

In this article we told you the causes and symptoms of typhoid and the best typhoid treatment remedies. By knowing them you simply can trace your disease in the initial stage and can start the treatment. Also be told you a few home remedies which can be really helpful in the quick recovery from typhoid.

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