Top SEO ranking factors of 2018

Top SEO ranking factors of 2018
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Do you know what the top SEO ranking factors you should need to pay attention in 2018 are?

SEO is a very dynamic industry which is consistently evolving since the day it came into existence. Days are gone when marketers used to believe that publishing quality content is the only key point to keep ahead. Now it becomes essential for one to keep upgrading their SEO techniques with the Google Search ranking algorithm. Not to mention, if you are still living or believing in that old SEO environment, you’ll going to lose your game.

Here in this article, we are going to look the top SEO ranking factors of 2018. 

Website bounce rate

The bounce rate of your Website is one of the crucial factors that you should look into. If you see increasing your website bounce rate nearly every day passes, it means that you lack something on your content so that the searcher isn’t staying on your webpage. Revise and incorporate each and everything accordingly that you felt you’re missing in your content. Ask yourself that what can I do so that the searcher won’t click the back button instantly. Learn the art of engaging audience.

Quality back links ( relevant niche websites )

It is arguably the most influential ranking factor dominating other factors within Google’s search algorithm. The more quality links pointed to your money site, the better your chances get increases for ranking well for the TOP keywords. However, getting such high-quality links from relevant authority websites isn’t dead easy but not to imply it is not that difficult either if you are consistently publishing better content on your site and outreaching influencers in your Niche. High-quality backlinks are something which can aid you to change the whole game.

User engagement

Do you know how your beloved audience is engaging with your piece of content? You aren’t paying much attention towards the same before. But now it’s 2018 and SEO has been evolved a lot in a couple of years. You should now embrace the change, or else you would be nowhere in the game in upcoming days.

Google algorithm is getting advanced by day by day, so you have to put more focus on providing more exceptional user experience, which is correlated to the better user engagement. The more endeavors you do to serve quality to your audience, the more likely you tend to get ranked higher on the top of the SERPs.

Social Traffic

Social traffic has been playing a significant role in every SEO campaign out there. If you aren’t considering social signals/traffic for the essential part of your SEO tactics, so yet you do not have any idea what you are missing. Not to mention that a strong online presence alone can drive more organic traffic to your website.

Social media traffic is a kind of boon for SEOers like us. For instance, if you are getting a good amount of social traffic to your site, it sends a strong signal to Google search algorithm to rank your website higher than your competing domains.

CTR ( search click-through rate )

Optimizing for CTR is also one of the critical factors which we often overlooked. It might seem as though the CTR is hard to optimize, but it’s not. Once you get started with Schema markup, you’ll find it relatively straightforward to implement. However, Google doesn’t consider CTR as a direct ranking factor for their search engine algorithm. But if you are getting a better CTR with no or little effort so why to disregard?

Domain age

Domain age is yet another the major ranking factor among all. Not to mention, ranking high searches competitive keywords with a new domain will be somewhat hard, on the contrary ranking the same keyword with an aged domain helps you eradicate that difficulty ranking keywords. Domain age is nothing but something which has the potential to dominate top position for longer.

This has been proved that domain seniority is an essential factor one should consider for their list of top SEO ranking factors of 2018.

This article was written by Inkresults- The SEO services agency

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